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What Does Sing For Hope Do?

Sing For Hope organization has been serving New York City communities for ten wonderful years. Their goal is to bring cultural arts performances, lessons and special cultural arts events to those people groups not accustomed to experiencing the joys of the arts. Many NYC school districts are so underfunded, they are forced to cut costs somehow. Many times, the arts programs are the first to go. Sing For Hope is committed to creating accessible opportunities for those people to immerse themselves in the awe of creating something unique. This could be music by singing or playing the piano or other instrument. It could be dancing in a ballet, or creating personal art pieces.

Volunteers are a necessary component of this outstanding organization. Professional and, just skilled, artists from all cultural arts fields give their time to teach others how to do the things that they have accomplished. School students are grateful for the chance to learn something enjoyable from experts. Older individuals, especially those confined to nursing homes, are ecstatic that they can again take part in theater, dance, music and various forms of artistry. Sing For Hope travels to hospitals and other institutions to bring the healing that very often accompanies exposure to the cultural arts.

The compassionate volunteer group merges with other volunteer and recognizable organizations to better spread their word of empowering arts programs. This organization provides stellar youth group outreach events. Many youth give their budding talent, precious time and whatever they can to enable other youth to experience the arts the way that they have. A big need is obtaining pianos from ordinary citizens. These musical instruments are then decorated and painted by experienced artists before a planned community-wide event. These transformed pianos are set up in public parks, large room venues, institutes and community centers for the purpose of allowing access to those nearby.

Sing For Hope acquired 50 pianos last year. These were used in public and community occasions then given to a school, institution, community based group center and other destinations. The healthcare professionals working at institutions where a piano was donated are astonished at how well the residents and patients responded. Sing For Hope believes strongly that music and other art forms are necessary for healing. The patients and residents soundly agree. This is a tax-free charity that is devoted to their cause. Those interested in either volunteering, donating or teaching an art form are highly encouraged to contact this organization.

Never before has so many under-served people benefited immensely from one volunteer cultural arts organization. The beauty is that once people get involved, they want to keep promoting the arts to others. Unlike a job, this volunteer work can be scheduled to meet anyone’s needs. They can work a few hours or all year long. Many inner city youth are finding a new passion in pursuing cultural arts. This is so important in a major city where youth often get involved in nefarious activity maybe due to boredom.

No age group is out of reach for this remarkable program. Music and other arts are making a comeback in this large metropolis. Sing For Hope’s various projects and classes are part of the reason why. Change lives with art by joining Sing For Hope’s mission.

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