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Ranking of the 10 most visited countries in the world

The top 10 of the countries that tourists prefer to visit. In how many of these countries have you been?

In this context, the traditionally most established countries in the tourism industry are still up there and growing in numbers. France remains at the top of the ranking of the 10 most visited countries in the world.

10 countries that are ranked in the highest number of visits received thanks to tourism

The data confirm the great news for the tourism sector of these countries. In addition, we will see that two of the countries are Spanish speaking, continuing with its good trend marked throughout the years.

Something that is significant to point out is that the classification of visits does not correspond with the classification of total income thanks to tourism. For example, the United States is not the first of the 10 most visited countries in the world, but it is the one that enters the most. How to get Tramadol http://healthguidesdaily.com/buy-tramadol-online.html

The 10 most visited countries in the world

1. Francemost visited countries

The first country in the world in a number of visits. It received 86.9 million visitors in 2017, a figure that represents an increase of 5.2% over the previous year. France is truly a country that has it all: its great history, its great culture, an excellent geographical situation, an influential language, a territory of the most beautiful and varied, a magnificent gastronomy, … It does not lack anything to be in it higher.

2. Spainmost visited countries

Nothing less than the second place for Spain. It’s not bad at all! With 81.8 million registered visits in 2017 and a growth of 8.6%, Spain is a highly appreciated tourist destination worldwide. The sun, the siesta, and the party are some of her biggest arguments, but she is also excellently equipped in all the other sections. Especially the Spanish coast is full in summer.

3. United Statesmost visited countries

The third place is for the North American country. With 75.8 million visitors, it is possible to enter the podium. Although it loses 3.8% of visits, it is the first country in the world in tourism revenue. Generic modafinil online http://buyprovigilcheap.com/buy-modafinil/.This leads us to reflect on the so-called “quality tourism”, which is none other than the one that leaves more money. If for each person who comes more is earned, maybe it is not necessary to receive so many people and degrade the territory so much.

4. Chinamost visited countries

The Asian giant manages to take fourth place in the world. It received 60.7 million visits in 2017 and had a growth of 2.6%. It is clear that China wants to lead the economy, technology and everything that is put in front of it. And the truth is that arguments have, then from Tibet to Manchuria or Hong Kong, the truth is that China is a country with many arguments. It is number 4 in most visited countries in the world.

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5. Italymost visited countries

Beautiful Italy. The transalpine country is in fifth place with 58.3 million visits in 2017 and with a very high growth of 11.2%. Although the Italian language is not spoken in too many areas outside of Italy, it is the fourth most studied language in the world. Half the world is fascinated by what emanates from this European country: language, culture, character, gastronomy, traditions, beaches, music, …

6. Mexicomost visited countries

The second Spanish-speaking country on the list is Mexico. It received 39.3 million visitors in 2017 and its growth was 12%, also very high and rising two positions compared to the previous year. The Aztec country has a huge cultural legacy due to the clash of great civilizations in the past. In addition, it is a beautiful and very diverse country in which you can find natural and architectural wonders.

7. United Kingdommost visited countries

In seventh place is the United Kingdom. In 2017 it received 37.8 million visitors and grew by 5.1% Being the cradle of English and the British Empire, the admiration received by the United Kingdom is increased by the fact that it is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Other attractions are London and the Premier League, the most famous professional league.

8. Turkeymost visited countries

Turkey is in the eighth position. Its 37.6 million visitors in 2017 and a growth of 24.1% claim the place of this fascinating Mediterranean country. Land of encounters and disagreements between different empires, Turkey is a country with a great cultural and landscape richness. In addition, its latitudes make it a very attractive country for inhabitants of more northern countries. It is in number 6 in most visited countries in the world.

9. Germanymost visited countries

Germany is in a not inconsiderable ninth position worldwide. The first European economy received 37.5 million visitors in the year 2017. Although it does not have a great climate to offer, Germany rises with 5.2% visits. Its cultural and historical background, and its modernity and high quality of its services make it a very attractive destination for many, although others prefer to get lost in more isolated areas such as the Black Forest.

10. Thailandmost visited countries

Thailand closes the list with the tenth position. This country has its main source of income in tourism, and the 35.4 million people it received in 2017 are an impressive figure. Its growth does not stop and is off 8.6%, being the second Asian country in the world the number of visits. Among its attractions are mainly its natural landscapes, the economic price for Westerners and very unique customs.

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