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Planning a Family Reunion in Galveston

Planning a family reunion on Galveston Island, TX has all the right elements for a memorable get-together. There is plenty to do, friendly locals and lots of room to move around. Every great family reunion takes some planning though, so if that’s your job, take note.

Plan the Overview

After you decide on a date, it’s time to get the big picture items out of the way. Whether you are all staying in the same motel or neighboring rental houses, it’s never too early to make reservations. Unless the rentals have strict cancellation policies, it’s best to overbook just a bit. There is almost always a second cousin who decides that she can come after all.

Not everyone in the group will have the same interests but planning one or two events in common will help the group bond. Consider a Galveston Island charter bus service to take everyone to The Bryan Museum or out to Gaidos for a nice dinner. Designating a few activities for all will help shape the rest of the reunion.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule of activities is a great way for participants to break up into smaller groups based on interests and age ranges. Those with small children may want to spend much of their time at the beach and those without might want to take a historical walking tour of the city. Breaking the day into morning and afternoon and offering a couple different options for each day should keep everybody happy.

Share the Meals

Unless you love to cook for large crowds on your vacation, share the chore with each family. Let everyone take care of themselves for breakfast and lunch but plan a meal together for dinner. Multiply the prep work, cooking, and clean-up duties by the number of days and divide by the number of families. Each family can sign up for what they’re best at doing.

Family reunions are great fun. A little planning will make your Galveston reunion the one that is remembered for years to come.

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