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Which side is better to sleep on?

A correct rest is essential for the benefit of human health. Sleeping for a certain number of hours and optimal sleep quality depends on several factors, one of which is the position in which you sleep. In this sense, one of the most frequent questions is about which is the most appropriate side to rest in bed at night, that is, whether the left or the right.

To get a correct and restful rest, it is important to follow a series of habits such as avoiding alcohol intake, and tobacco, disconnecting electronic devices used most frequently (mobile phones, computers, and tablets, among others) or not drinking a lot of water in the moments before falling asleep. Despite there being different sleeping positions, not all of them are adequate.

What is the best side to sleep on?

Sleeping on your side is one of the best options to rest, fall asleep and, at the same time, maintain a correct posture of the spine. The left side is considered the best for sleeping because with this position the spine remains aligned and in a neutral position.

In order for you to sleep properly and keep your spine aligned, you need to adjust a pillow or cushion between your thighs. In this way, you will be able to maintain a proper posture for the spine and you will prevent your knees from colliding while you sleep.

The pillow used must be hard, but having the ability to adapt to the shape of your head. The arm that is below you is preferable you leave it bordering the pillow instead of being below it since the weight of your head can cause you to feel cramps in that arm.

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

The left side at bedtime is the one that provides the most health benefits, so it is important to adapt to this position to fall asleep. These are the main benefits:

Helps the proper functioning of the heart

Sleeping on the left side is the best option for your heart to benefit from since this position allows it to pump blood more easily. This is due to a matter of gravity, since the aorta vein leaves the heart, arching to the left side, and reaching the abdomen.

Benefits for the brain and lymphatic drainage

Cerebral lymphatic drainage is a very useful process to eliminate waste from the nervous system, which is very harmful to health. These nodes are mostly on the left side and, for this reason, the same does not happen when you sleep on the right side.

Benefits in digestion

Sleeping on the left side is a better option than sleeping on the right side when it comes to digestion. This posture allows the stomach and pancreas to be in a natural position. In addition, in this way, food waste has a more optimal path through the large intestine to the colon.

Improved circulation

Sleeping towards the left side leaves the vena cava free since in this way no organ puts pressure on it. For this reason, this position facilitates better blood circulation and avoids making an extra effort for the oxygen-laden blood coming out of the aorta.

Back pain relief

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you can greatly benefit from sleeping on your left side. By taking this position in bed at night, for at least a few hours, you will be able to relieve the pressure on the spine and, in this way, have a better sleep and a better awakening.

Recommended for pregnant women

During pregnancy, it is highly recommended to sleep on the left side because it improves blood circulation and helps relieve pressure on the back. With this position, it is also achieved that the uterus remains in a position in which it does not exert pressure on the liver. In addition, it increases blood supply to the kidneys, the uterus, and the fetus.

Best sleeping positions

After learning that the left side is the best for sleeping because it provides multiple health benefits, we help you discover which are the best sleeping positions. They are the following:

The fetal position: that is, with the legs slightly bent, will allow you to relieve lumbar tension.

Sleeping on your side: it is the most recommended position for its advantages since it allows you to avoid cervical and back pain, improve breathing, reduce snoring, and reduce gastroesophageal reflux.

Sleeping on your back: despite not being the most optimal position for a good rest, it can be correct as long as you use a pillow that keeps your head straight so that your spine is fully aligned. This position is not recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea because it can accentuate these apneas.

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