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HOW TO BUY CHEAP FLIGHTS – Internet Air Tickets

For a long time, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to buy cheap air tickets online.. We all know that when traveling, buying tickets is the most expensive and it is not fair that they have to spend a lot of money when they can save if they follow these tips.

So, travelers, I share what I know about the subject, to take note and prepare to travel:

1. To buy cheap flights, always search onlineAir Tickets

It is clear that buying flights online is much cheaper than buying them at physical points of sale. There is no definitive answer about which website is the best or most recommended. Buying flights is an art. However, there are sites that will surely help you a lot to get better prices: – Google flights -Kayak -Skyscanner -Momondo.

These sites allow you to find the flight you need with the best offers. Many of them allow you to create accounts in which they warn about cheap prices alerts about those cheap flights that you are looking for. They are excellent tools that will surely help you save a lot of money.

2. Do not forget the airlinesAir Tickets

Many sites on the Internet charge an extra commission value to get better prices on their flights. Therefore, do not forget that you can also buy and find out directly from the airlines.

Something they can do is subscribe to the airlines of their country so that they receive emails from them. The airlines consider these users as a priority to send them the offers of their air tickets.

3. Be informedAir Tickets

Many times it is not enough to subscribe to emails. I recommend that you follow the social networks of the airlines and the websites that I shared in tip 1 to buy cheap flights. In general, their social networks publish very valuable information and offers that I assure you will be able to serve them.

4. Do not search in one placeAir Tickets

When looking for cheap flights, what they should do is to become intense researchers. Do not buy the first offer you see, and always compare between several options and with different routes. It is one of the tips to buy cheap air tickets online.

5. Be flexibleAir Tickets

Something that can save you a lot of money is to be flexible with the travel time. When you go to look for a flight, make different combinations of dates. For example, if you want to travel on April 20, look for the 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, days close to the date of travel or return.

This way you can get several price options, since there are flights that do not leave daily, routes that only work on X days of the week, and maybe they will not realize those prices just by trying two days.

And good as we go in the middle I share this video on how to buy cheap airline tickets. I recommend you see it:

6. The cheapest days and hours to buy your air ticketsAir Tickets

There are many myths about the days and hours when buying flights is cheaper. The truth does not matter what day they make the purchase, or at what time. What matters is the day you are traveling and the time of travel.

So you can forget all the esoteric myths of waking up at dawn on Tuesdays and doing rites before buying … 🙂

7. Travel when nobody wants to travelAir Tickets

Traveling on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays is much more expensive normally. These days, businesspeople usually have to make their business trips or attend events, so there is more transit of people, which is equivalent to a higher cost. Try then to travel always during the week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays … or on Saturdays, which are my favorite days to buy an air ticket, and that’s when I found the best prices on my flights.  It is one of the tips to buy cheap air tickets online.

Also, always look for flights in extreme hours, that is, either very early in the morning or very late at night.

This is a very important tip to buy cheap flights. And of course, always travel in low season. The low season, are the dates in which you are usually working when there are no weekends or holidays. That is, the high season would be December-January, Easter, weekends with holidays, July-August. The recommended dates (Low season) are April-May and October-November.

8. Low season offersAir Tickets

Airlines know that in the low season the number of passengers is lower. Therefore, you should be aware of the offers for these seasons. In January there are offers for the season of April-May and in September the offers for October-November. They have to be very aware of these offers to get the best prices on their flights.  It is one of the best tips to buy cheap air tickets online.

9. And if they can only travel in high season

Many travelers can not do it in the off season because of their jobs or for some other reason. For those who can only travel in high season, I recommend then that at least buy your air tickets with time. The number one problem of people and why it is believed that traveling is so expensive is because they leave everything for the ultimate.

So plan ahead, and you will see how much they will save. Rather, that talk they saved by buying their cheap flights re-invested in activities and new experiences in the destination!

How much time is right?

If you are looking for cheap flights one year in advance you will surely find very high prices. The airlines do not yet know what the demand for passengers will be, so they increase costs (contrary to what many people believe). 30 days or less of anticipation will also be a bad time. If you are looking for flights with so little time, airlines will believe that they have no more options to travel but only at this time, so the prices will also be very high.

It is best to buy between three and five months before, for international flights if it is high season. Or four (up to two) months before if it is low season. For local or national flights two months in advance is more than enough.

10. Do not run away from cookies

Many of us block advertising on the Internet because it is invasive. The truth is that many of these can be used to get cheaper flights. When an airline realizes that they are looking for tickets on different websites, they track their search and can offer them offers through the cookies they had not found before.

And it is something that I realized in a personal way, and why I more or less understand how advertising works on the internet. So travelers, keep it in mind too!

11. The law dominated

In the art of buying cheap flights, it is important to take into account the domino law. That is, when they find that an airline took out a very good offer, surely another airline will get a better one and thus another airline a much better one and so on until they find the offer for you. Undoubtedly one of the best tips to buy cheap tickets is to be always alert and agile in purchases.  It is one of the tips to buy cheap air tickets online.

I even read newspapers before a trip, there usually publish promotions some local airlines. If I can be very freaky with this, but come on, that’s where the biggest savings come from a trip!

12. Learn to make money online

Besides that it is not only to learn to buy the cheapest tickets online, it would be good to also learn how to earn money as a freelancer in their free time , so that in addition to their jobs they have a new source of income in the house, so that the internet not only serve them to find and organize their trips, removing billetico from the pocket, but also to be returned!

I would recommend that you study the Clickbank platform and this whole tale of the affiliate links very well, so that little by little you will come out of the race of the rat in which many are still.

13. And pending to my social networks

With almost 300 videos on my Youtube channel and thousands of photos, tips and publications on the other networks, little by little we are becoming one of the largest travel communities in the world and I assure you that much will be learned from them.  It is one of the tips to buy cheap air tickets online.

In addition, there are the different groups of Facebook that travelers that we started (one for each country), where they have created many new friendships, and where you can also interact with a local in each country, if necessary, help them with routes and recommendations.

And well, believe me, that for me it will be an honor to have you. It is just to enter each one and join. I promise that next year will come great things for everyone, such as raffles, books, group trips, and even more tips

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