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What is The Best Video Maker App? You Must Use in 2020

With these video editors for Android, you wake up the Spielberg in yourself: the sophisticated and extensive apps make editing, post-processing, sound recording, and the incorporation of effects in films and videos on your smartphone a breeze. All presented apps are available in a free version.

As you know, recording a good video only starts. Only in post-processing does a video snippet become a film, a travel report, or the next post for the YouTube channel or Instagram profile.

In the smartphone age, you no longer have to do editing work on a PC. In the app store, funny videos maker app and video editors bustle in rows, with which soundtracking, editing, image corrections and the insertion of effects can also be effortlessly performed on the Android device.

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

This video editor allows editing and montage on several picture levels, provides royalty-free music, and wants to score with extensive tools. The free version watermarks the edited clips.

The KineMaster – Pro Video Editor is a functional and clear editing program available free of charge in the Play Store. The biggest drawback right away: In videos by free users, the app writes its name in the form of a watermark, which is only waived after a paid upgrade.

Those who can live with it (or are not afraid to upgrade) will find particularly well-thought-out and practical functions in the app that enable image and video editing on several levels. Overlays, effects, handwritten notes, or stickers can be combined particularly harmoniously.

You can create new videos here with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, 9:16, and 1: 1, and a preview function invites you to try out the countless possibilities. Transition effects are also available in 3D, the volume can be flexibly adjusted in the video history, and speed controls are also on board.

GoPro video editor

This app creates effective films and animated slideshows from videos or photos without much effort. It is particularly easy to import media from the GoPro Plus cloud.

Even those who have little idea of ​​video editing can use Quik – GoPro Video Editor for photos with music to make attractive videos and animations without much effort. With numerous templates, a real-time preview, and last but not least, thanks to an intuitive interface, the video production can be done here without much practice or long tutorials.

We provide exciting moments in sports and leisure videos with scenic accents, an interface to the GoPro Plus Cloud makes the import of GoPro recordings particularly easy and Google Photos and the SD card storage are also supported as data sources.

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Videoshop – Video Editor

Animate photos, rotate stop motion clips, or apply film filters: With this app, video editing on Android devices is a child’s play. However, the free version uses watermarks.

The Videoshop – Video Editor turns the Android device into a powerful editing studio and brings along numerous effects as well as many practical tools. In addition to the actual video editing, the app can flexibly put texts into the picture, insert sounds from users or the app library, and quickly create an individual look with numerous functions.

Time-lapse effects are also available, sound effects such as laughter, explosions, or animal noises are available, and flexibly animated video titles give the films charming titles and a recognition feature.

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FilmoraGo – Video Editor

Even free users can let off steam with this video editor without having to let their works be tainted by watermarks.

The FilmoraGo is a video editor with comparatively generous content, even for free users immediately likable. Tools are available here without restrictions, and there are no annoying watermarks.

Instead, the app has plenty of cool templates on board, which not only immerse films in new lights but also offer a variety of musical accompaniments to underline picture statements – we can, of course, also use our library here.

With a real-time preview, an interface to Instagram and Facebook, and an export function with flexible aspect ratios, the mobile editing studio is up to all challenges. We can also flexibly adjust the speed of playback – or reverse it.

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

This video editor can animate photo collages and offers effects and sounds for free download. The free version watermarks and is stingy with extras.

The VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is a popular video editing tool on the Android device that has recently returned to the Play Store with a redesigned interface. With extensive tools, you can cut videos quickly and easily here, a color reversal is possible, and background images can also be edited.

A welcome preview function invites you to try it out, and in practice, users save a lot of time. A selfie camera comes with seven different filters, but such pictures from your portrait can also be edited and adjusted using the app.

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