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Top 5 British Rising Stars in Boxing

The British boxing ring has seen several stars rise over the years. We have seen stars like James DeGale, Tony Bellow, and George Groves, among others. What about big shots like Ricky Burns and Amir Khan? These champions seem to have birthed a new crop of superstars!

But, who is the most promising among the upcoming boxing stars? Well, there are several boxers to note. However, here are the top 5 of the upcoming boxers whose names will soon be making the rounds in every home. Even online essay writers are interested!

1. Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois has shown glaring evidence of championship and excellence. He is one force to reckon with. The “Dynamite” is 23 years and is in the heavyweight division.

Dubois has made a name for himself since his pro debut in 2017. Dubois has clinched the WBO European heavyweight strap in a clean knockout of Razvan Cojanu. The match was in the second round when Dubois cleaned out his opponent in a clear sweep.

Dubois has impressive records of spectacular wins, including that of Ricardo Snijders. On the 29th of August this year, the “Dynamite” made a record for his swift win over Snijders. In all, Daniel Dubois has 15 wins and he is ready for more wins!

Dubois has a great record that has set him apart from other boxers. He is sure to take the British boxing record to a higher level. Watch out for him!

2. Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly made a smooth appearance at the Summer Olympics in 2016 and the 2015 European Games. His pro win against Jay Byrne in 2017 is one that spells great things to come.

He deserves the accolades, and the gold medal suits him well. Since 2018, Kelly has gracefully held the Commonwealth Welterweight title and the WBA International Welterweight title.

If there is one great champion that has emerged from the Olympics, it is Josh Kelly. He promises to take British boxing to far places. Watch out for him!

3.  Charlie Edwards

Charlie Edwards is a star arising from the lightweight class. With 15 encounters, he has made a name for himself. He held the British Super-flyweight title in 2017. From 2018 to 2019, he held the WBC title with grace. He only vacated it on health grounds.

Edwards has an impressive record of 16 wins out of 18 fights. His fight with Julio Cesar Martinez was ruled at no contest. Edwards is a bright star on the British ring.

4. Joshua Buatsi

A look at Joshua Buatsi will convince you that he is a star. His outstanding performance in Rio 2016 says a lot in this regard. The bronze medal he clinched was well deserved!

He has recorded clean wins against his opponents in record time. Joshua’s performance so far is a pointer to glorious days ahead.

5. Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill became a star at the early age of 18. His headlines-making defeat against Emmanuel Dominguez has placed him in people’s hearts. And, of course, it earned him a minor belt. Gill is one boxer that has demonstrated strength and professionalism over the years.

The featherweight is moving fast and can measure up with big shots in no time. With this speed and pace, it is evident to everyone that this British boxer didn’t come to the arena to joke.


We have seen several stars emerge from the British boxing ring. But we are set to see a new crop of champions. Boxers like Dubois, Edwards, Kelly, Buatsi, and Gill are promising enough to keep us on the watch.

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