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How to surprise a dancer for Christmas and New Year?

The holiday season is in full swing and the anticipation of celebrating with one’s family brings a lot of joy. Due to the pandemic, it is not possible or safe for everyone to celebrate with their family. This shouldn’t break anyone’s holiday spirit or ruin their festive mood. Those that are dear to you will always be close whether they are right next to you or behind a screen. Those that can celebrate together should make the best of it! A nice idea would be to make the celebration more thematic and personalized, so as to surprise the other family members. If there are one or more dancers in the family, here are a few ideas in order to make them a nice holiday surprise!

Dance-themed decorations

Everyone loves Christmas decorations! We spend so much time putting up the Christmas tree, and we do our best to decorate it so it would look nice and bright. We love to put beautiful decorations inside and outside the house so that the holiday spirit would fill the air completely. Adding some dance-themed decorations would be a nice way to surprise the dancer in the family. There are thousands of dance-themed ornaments for your Christmas tree that you can choose from online. You can pick baubles with dancing figures on them, small dancer figurines, personalized ornaments with the dancer’s name on it or adorable little dance shoe figurines. This will give your Christmas tree a nice personalized touch that the dancer will greatly enjoy.

Brand new dance shoes

Speaking of dance shoes, you could buy a new pair as a Christmas or New Year gift for your dancer. If they’ve mentioned that they need new shoes but you know that they haven’t bought them yet, this may be an amazing surprise! If the dancer in your family is an Irish dancer, you can check Corr’s Irish dance shoes range. If you are a dancer yourself or you’re familiar enough with everything a dancer needs, you’ll know how to pick the right shoes. If not, just ask his dance teacher or do a bit of research and you’ll find just what you need. There might be other things that the dancer needs. Maybe he or she needs a new dancer’s bag or new dance costumes. It is all about paying attention to what they need and want in order to create an unforgettable surprise.

Dance-themed toys

If the dancer you want to surprise is a child, then you can buy some nice toys for them. Maybe they would like a plush dancer toy or a gracious figurine. A battery-operated dancing doll is also a popular option. If you don’t already have one, maybe a dance video game would be a nice gift. It’s a fun activity for the kid and his friends, but also for the other family members. It’s entertaining, it’s interesting and your kid can show off his dance skills! There are many types of toys that you can get for a dancer. It depends on what the kid is into. If you can combine two of his or her interests into one gift, for example love for dance and video games, then you will surely create an unforgettable surprise!

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