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Why Choose Parquet Flooring?

Although parquet flooring comes from the 16th century, it’s still a popular choice in even the most modernly designed homes. Depending on what the actual wooden blocks look like, you are able to create a multitude of patterns by cleverly laying down individual pieces and benefitting from the different types of grains and shades in the wood. The creative options are limitless, so it is no wonder that it is often called mosaic woodwork. How it looks is just one of the reasons why parquet flooring is so appealing.

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Easy Cleaning

Parquet flooring is great when it comes to cleaning up. Spills can easily be wiped clean and the floor does not need anything more than sweeping and mopping. Besides not staining that easily, it is also not prone to absorbing odours.


Due to the fact that it is made up of hardwood, it is very durable and lasts an extremely long time. It handles daily use very well and does not become worn easily.

Allergy Friendly

Alternative flooring options often trap allergens. With parquet you won’t have that problem and the added benefit that it is easy to clean even makes having pets less of an allergy risk. You only have to be a sufferer, or know someone who suffers, to know how difficult life can be for those who have allergies. The NHS recommends hard wood flooring to help create an allergy free environment.


Due to the fact that you are using a durable product that, in some cases, only needs replacing every 50 years, you are significantly lowering your carbon footprint. The great thing is that certain companies such as http://www.wilsonsyard.com/products/wooden-flooring.html will even make the effort of using reclaimed parquet when installing wooden flooring.


Flooring can be a great expense. However, if you are choosing parquet flooring in Ireland you will easily be able to work within your budget. Parquet comes in all shapes and sizes. The finish, type of wood and pattern you choose can be adapted to fall within what you are able to afford.

Regardless of the actual cost and maintenance benefits of installing parquet flooring, you will also be benefitting from a cleaner and healthier environment in terms of your choice. Ultimately, parquet’s true selling point is the warm look that it creates as both a traditional and a modern flooring option.

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