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Which tyres did F1 teams stock up on for Monaco?

Pirelli, the iconic and long-time Formula 1 tyre supplier, unveiled its selection for Formula 1 teams at the race in Monaco. These tyres are incredibly hardy and can within the impressive speeds and heat on the track. They are similar to the ones that you can find at a Tyres Gloucester centre such as https://swiftfit.uk.com/gloucester-tyres/, they are just able to withstand more abuse than a normal road tyre. Many of the main tyre manufacturers will produce tyres both for the racing and domestic markets.

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The hypersoft tyre

The all-new Pirelli hypersoft tyre proved to be in high demand for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Italian tyre manufacturer has maintained its tradition of renewing its range of tyres every year since returning to Formula 1 in 2011.

This increases Pirelli’s Formula 1 offering to seven tyres, with the hypersoft tyre joining the purple-walled ultrasoft, the red-walled supersoft and the yellow-walled soft range of Pirelli tyres.

The hard options of Pirelli tyres are the orange-walled superhard, the blue-walled hard, and the white-walled medium.

The pink-walled tyre, introduced this year, is hailed as Pirelli’s softest tyre yet in its Formula 1 range. It made its debut in Monaco; however, this did not deter drivers and teams from stocking up on hypersoft tyres.

The drivers and teams choosing hypersoft

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The drivers at Team Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, stocked up on 11 sets of hypersoft tyres – the maximum number available.

Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin from Team Williams and Niko Hulkenberg and Carlos Sainz from Team Renault also picked up the maximum 11 sets of hypersoft Pirelli tyres.

This selection means these teams only had a mandatory single race set of the two other compounds, purple-walled ultrasoft and red-walled supersoft. The ultrasoft tyre was Pirelli’s softest tyre available in 2017 and was a popular choice amongst the teams of F1.

The Mercedes team chose nine sets of Pirelli hypersoft tyres, which is one of the lowest figures on the grid, while championship rivals Ferrari opted for 10 sets of hypersoft tyres. The British team based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, is among three teams that opted for different tyre choices across its two racing cars.

Lewis Hamilton’s racing car had two sets each of the ultrasoft and supersoft tyres, whilst teammate Valtteri Bottas opted for three sets of the Pirelli ultrasoft for the Monaco Grand Prix. Romain Grosjean, driver at team Haas, was the only competitor to have as many purple-walled ultrasoft sets of tyres available.

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