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What type of Bong to choose for smoking marijuana?

The purchase of a bong or water pipe is ultimately a matter of personal preference, and obtaining all the knowledge of the existing options can take years of use and experience until you know what really we like the most.

If you have the certainty that you will keep it safe, you can buy a very nice and delicate glass bong. Although these can be expensive, the cooling, its aesthetics and the genial rise taking advantage of all the THC make it worthwhile to spend extra money. Generally, technical parts mean glass, accessories, diffusers, ice collectors, and ash collectors. Anyway, if you’re not going to be so careful, do not be discouraged, there are many glass bongs. They are quite resistant and ideal for casual use, every day or with friends. Resistant glass is generally of a good thickness, although the quality of it also influences, in these cases it is best to ask the selling expert. Inevitably, when you think about glass bongs, you have to think about the accessories: ash catchers, pipes, extra buckets, simple snap pieces, etc. There is so much variety in glass bongs that they deserve their own item.

The ceramic bongs tend to be smaller than the glass bongs since the material is heavier, however, they still offer a very pure tasting. These can also come in many combinations of colors and designs, because anything in the mind of an artist can be painted on a ceramic surface. Ceramic bong chambers are also known to come in a wide variety of mushroom shapes, rising moons, gnomes, etc. Due to their shape, these water pipes can be very difficult to clean, if the use is irregular or little frequent can be optimal, if you want to preserve the life of ceramic bong design. There are, of course, ceramic water pipes in more durable generic forms. But in any case you should think about it because with a lot of use they tend to wear out. One of the disadvantages of ceramic bongs do not allow their user to see the water inside them, in this way, it is difficult to know when it starts to get dirty.

The bongs plastic or acrylics are typically translucent water pipes (similar to a transparent glass Bong, but often colored) so that the user is able to see inside the water pipe. The obvious disadvantages for plastic bongs is that they are not glass, and the possibility of diluting the taste of good grass. Apart from that, plastic bongs can be a good investment. Maybe you’re short on money, maybe you only need a second unit to transport with you on road trips to festivals, maybe you’re thinking of camping on the lake and do not want to carry your delicate pieces of glass … these are just some of The big reasons to buy a plastic bong.

The bongs bamboo tend to be high quality, they are not very heavy, and are more durable than plastic. “Bong” comes from the Thai word baung, which is the name of a cylindrical bamboo tube used by people in Thailand and other places where they have been smoking for thousands of years. So if you really want to be authentic, use a bamboo bong. They last a long time, and can come with a metal or glass saucepan (glass likely to be more expensive). Bamboo bongs can also be very ornamental because of their natural appeal and the ability of an artist to carve or engrave beautiful designs on them.

Now that we have given you some opinions we hope you are more aware of your options in buying bong, the second question you have to ask yourself is how much money you are willing to spend. Third, decide where you plan to buy your water pipe. We hope that for this you think about us and you go through our section of bongs to smoke marijuana.

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