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Three Bachelor Party Ideas Sure to Please

When your best friend asks you to be his best man, you’ll find yourself swelling with pride that he recognized you. Once that excitement passes though, you might find yourself filled with terror at the idea of coming up with a bachelor party that he and your other friends will love. While some guys keep it simple and stay in playing card games and watching movies, many bachelor parties today take place over a long weekend. With the right bachelor party ideas, you and your friends will have an unforgettable weekend.

Ski Weekend

If your friends are active and love being outside, you might plan a ski weekend away from home. You can stick close to home and hit a resort close to the groom’s hometown, or you can head to a destination hours away from home. The guys in your groom who need more help and those who never skied before can sign up for lessons, and you can even book group lessons for the whole gang. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also check out the snow bunnies in the lodge and hang out near the fireplace.

Camping Trip

Instead of heading to multiple bars or clubs that charge high prices for drinks, you can save money and host a guys’ camping trip. You can make a list of all the equipment that you need and then divide up that list and ask each guy to bring some supplies. This ensures that you have all the tents and sleeping bags that you need. Your friends can also divide the cost of food and drinks for the weekend and share in the cost of the campsites and the firewood. If your group doesn’t love the outdoors, you can rent a cabin for the weekend.

Golf Experience

When planning a golfing bachelor party, contact golf management companies to find out if they offer any specials. Some of these companies offer a discount for large groups. Others will let you set tee times at multiple courses for your group in advance of the weekend. While you can stay in a golfing resort that has its own course, you can also choose a hotel with a convenient location near multiple courses and try out different ones each day. Whether you go golfing, skiing or camping, your best friend and everyone else will have a great time during the bachelor party weekend.

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