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The importance of maintaining your downpipes and guttering

Gutters and downpipes are part of the stormwater system on your property. The function of the stormwater system is to carry away rainfall runoff and prevent leaks from damaging the property.

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Cleaning and clearing

As any homeowner knows, properties need regular attention and maintenance and it is vital for homeowners to properly maintain their property’s stormwater system. Gutters can often become blocked with dirt, debris and falling leaves, especially in autumn. It is always a good idea for homeowners to give gutters a thorough clean and check for any damage prior to the winter when we expect rainfall and the gutters may be full of leaves from autumn.

With some parts of the UK experiencing the wettest autumn on record in 2019, any gutters blocked with leaves are susceptible to problems. If gutters are full of leaves, the storm system cannot work as efficiently as it should, as it can be simply overwhelmed by rainfall. If rainfall cannot be carried away, there is a risk of the water damaging the property’s walls and ceilings.

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Check for damage and protect

In addition to cleaning to ensure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris, it is essential to take time to examine your gutters and downpipes thoroughly to check for damage. Any loose parts, cracks or other damage means your property might be at risk of water escaping and causing damage.

Homeowners may wish to think about using pipe protectors to shield and preserve outdoor pipes; for example, household pipe protectors from Meterbox are designed to add protection to downpipes. Damaged drainpipes can be a huge problem for many homeowners, whether the damage is from general damage, weathering or even vandalism. Household pipe protectors can be used to reduce these kinds of issues.

There is no doubt that the best course of action with guttering and downpipes is to clean them and correctly maintain them. This may not be the most pleasant job; however, by making this part of your household maintenance routine, you can keep on top of any issues and help to prevent any larger problems from occurring. It is certainly cheaper and easier to keep gutters clear and clean than it is to repair any major damage to gutters and downpipes or to the property itself.


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