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The bigger the building the bigger the boiler.

Imagine how difficult it would be to cope if your boiler suddenly stopped working. All of sudden there’s no hot water for your morning shower and if it’s cold outside, it soon will be inside too without the radiators powering up. It would be inconvenient, annoying, routine upsetting and uncomfortable. Thankfully, a quick call to a Cheltenham Boiler service like http://www.combi-man.com/ will relieve your problems.

Your domestic boiler is pretty small when compared to their industrial-sized counterparts. If you think your home without a boiler is a tricky situation, imagine how a property like the Empire State Building copes when they find themselves without heat or hot water! The size of a skyscraper is going to need more than a domestic boiler to supply that many floors.

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That’s exactly what happened during one of the worst winter storms to hit New York when temperatures dropped to under 40 degrees! In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Empire State needed a solution fast to restore power, heat and hot water to the building. What did they do? They hired the world’s largest mobile boiler at the time, in the first boiler rental transaction.

Following one of the worst storms in the history of the city, a company called Powerhouse were able to deliver the portable boiler within 24 hours. The boiler was 800 HP, in a ready-to-fire condition and began to restore some normality to the skyscraper in no time at all.

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The Empire State, surprisingly, has no back-up systems and when it became clear the iconic building would be without heat for several days, an emergency fix was needed. Hurricane Sandy had caused huge devastation and flooding had led to a number of explosions and mechanical failures in the underground piping system.

Powerhouse were certainly surprised to receive such a request and it was a first. However, in times of crisis, people pull together and solve problems in unique and innovative ways. It is thought that this was the first ever example of a skyscraper needing an additional steam support backup system. This provides some perspective of just how vicious Hurricane Sandy truly was.

Powerhouse are a long-established family run business who operate the biggest fleet of portable boilers in the world. Thankfully, when things go wrong with our central heating, we don’t require such immense equipment to sort things out. But the bigger the building, the bigger the boiler!

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