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Six Weeks Holiday Vs Website Redesign

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It’s that time of year again. The time of year that wherever you look, there are children beaming from ear to ear as school’s out for the summer! The time of year where the amount of time that it takes you to get to work halves and you can’t go to a theme park without queuing for 2 hours per ride. Today’s children get six weeks off. Six weeks. That’s 42 days. A month and a half.

No doubt, that with the increasing academic demand on today’s young students, they need the break; it’s got us thinking what we would do if we had six weeks off. That is, of course, after the all-inclusive holiday to Barbados.

Website redesign and marketing has topped our list. With increasing companies launching complete website redesigns of recent, it has got us thinking. Big brands such as New York Times have gone public about their redesign to make for a better user experience. If you’re wondering if you should launch a website redesign, here are some reasons why you need to be keeping up to date.


Ever heard the saying ‘first impressions count’? Well that couldn’t be truer in this instance. 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 39% of people will stop engaging if images take too long to load. 38% also stop engaging if the content is unattractive in its layout.

It has never been more important for your website to be up to scratch. You need to consider a few things, such as: Is your content clear? How straight forward is your navigation? Do the colours complement each other? Are the images up to date? Putting your own website in the back burner will have a negative impact on its success.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself to evaluate your need for a website redesign:

  1. Does your online and offline marketing complement each other?
  2. Are your current business goals consistent with your website?
  3. Is your website constructed of CSS and XHTML, as well as HTML?
  4. Have you eliminated all broken links and typos from your site?
  5. Is your website easy to read with font sized, colours and styles?
  6. Is your contact information up to date?
  7. Does your site display properly in all web browsers?
  8. Does your website rank on Google?
  9. Is your website regularly updated with blogs/newsletters etc?
  10. Is your website mobile-friendly?

If you ended up answering more ‘no’ than ‘yes’ – then you will more than likely make a good candidate for a website redesign. You should then ask yourself what is it, that you want your new site to achieve? More lead generation? Increased conversions? Management of your PPC and content marketing strategy?

Choosing the right digital marketing partner

On top of a swanky new website, you will need excellent management of the marketing of your company to ensure you are getting the hits to your new website that you need. You need a company who can manage the whole aspect of this, including your complete website redesign, managing your SEO to ensure your website is as highly listed on Google as it should be, digital marketing, including Ad Words, competitor analysis and social media management. You should be selective about which company you choose for your web design and marketing. The best agencies take the time to understand your personal needs before diving in; agencies like MA Design (Web Design, Cheltenham). Do your research.

Roger Walker

Roger is a writer, online marketer and part-time graphics designer with a background in Finance. His real passion, however, lies in helping his clients.

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