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Planning a Summer Festival

Summer is here and with it comes the annual staging of many an outdoor festival event. Whether it’s a huge, global event like Glastonbury or a smaller, local affair – us Brits love a good outdoor event. They are great at uniting communities, showcasing new and existing talent and celebrating art and music. Planning such a large-scale event is not an easy process, however. If you’ve decided to work on an outdoor event for next summer, here are some tips from those with experience on how to stage a successful festival.


The top factor for any outdoor summer event is the ability to keep both attendees and staff well hydrated in the heat and sunny weather. The answer is having plenty of accessible water supplies. Water stations are a must, so people can refill bottles with drinking water. Alternatively, a sponsor from a drinks company to hand out free water. Not only does this encourage hydration but is a great opportunity to get a sponsor’s logo out there.

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Outdoor summer events are highly popular, so make sure you have adequate space and be aware of maximum capacity levels and comfort of your attendees. Keep an eye on ticket sales levels to avoid excessive congestion and long queues.


Security and strong safety measures must be in place for the wellbeing of your attendees and success of your event. This means employing adequate security, being prepared for bad weather with shelter and evacuation plans. Providing medical care is also crucial for the safety and wellbeing of your attendees. For Event Medical Cover, visit https://www.outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/

Whole family activities

Remember to cater for a variety of age groups as summer months mean children, parents and grandparents together and looking for things to do. Even if the event is aimed at adults, always bear in mind that younger guests will most likely be accompanying the adults. Keep everyone happy with a wide range of stalls, activities, events and projects for all ages.

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A day out can soon become uncomfortable if there are not enough toilets and queues build up quickly. Never skimp on the number of restroom facilities. Outdoor toilet facilities can also get pretty grim, so ensure you have plenty of units and staff to keep them as clean as possible during the event.

Event Staff

Don’t understaff your event. Everything about your event should run as smoothly as possible, with staff to help attendees with everything from parking to directions and serving food. Staff should be reliable, experienced and able to provide great customer service. Volunteers are another helpful resource to call upon for help in running your event.

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