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What Materials are Best for Your Restaurant Tables? Your Top Questions Answered

Restaurant tables should be durable and good looking. They now come in various shapes, styles and materials. Choosing the right material for commercial restaurant furniture is easy if you have the right information regarding your choices. It is important to know how these materials compare in price, looks and durability because you will invest in them for long-term use. Here, some of the most asked questions regarding restaurant tabletop materials are answered.

What makes granite a popular option these days?

Granite is durable. It is resistant to daily wear and tear once treated, so you can use it outdoors. It is heavy so it works best with metal bases. It is easy to maintain and is great for fine dining restaurants. However, it can crack or be permanently stained with oil over time. Aside from the modern appeal, granite has become a top commercial grade tabletopbecause it offers a good return on investment for its sturdiness.

What are laminate table tops?

Like granite, laminate is a newer option compared to traditional wood. It is fabricated by making a tabletop from particle board glued with a laminate surface. It is a more affordable optionbecause it is easier to fabricate. The advantage of using this material is that it comes in various colors and styles to match your restaurant theme. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

What are the top choices for metal tabletops?

Metal is great for outdoor use because there are stainless steel and aluminium tables if you worry about rust. Aluminium is one great option because it is light, affordable and durable if finished with powder coating. With this material, you won’t have a hard time maintaining it. Stainless steel is also almost maintenance-free and is excellent for use in patios.

What are the cheapest options?

If you’re on a tight a budget, a good option is resin. It looks fantastic and comes in an array of finishes and sizes. It is low in price and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for cost. You don’t have to worry much about durability because this is a thick type of plastic molded in various shapes. This material also works for outdoor use.

Is wood still a good option?

Absolutely. As they say, nothing beats the classic. Many restaurants still use wood for its durability and cost. It offers that warm feel and with proper maintenance, it can last long. Many different types of wood are used these days and they vary in price as well.

Every tabletop material has its advantages and disadvantages. Restaurants have different requirements as to the style, size and shape of tables. Your choice of material should serve your purpose. For instance, if you need tabletops for outdoors, make sure your chosen material can endure extreme weather conditions. The key is to determine your needs and budget to make the right decision.


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