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Manchester Semi Pays Homage to 1950s United States

You could be Shaking All Over with anticipation when you knock on the front door of a property in Manchester. From the outside it looks like an ordinary brick-fronted semi-detached house. But there’s a real twist when you step inside. The home in the suburb of Chorlton is the king of kitsch with its nifty tribute to the ’50s. The unique décor, complete with a bamboo tiki bar, zebra print rug and pink floral wallpaper, is a dream replica to a time when Elvis rocked the world with his dance moves, sodas and fries were the specialities of the house in the ice-cream parlours and the US economy was booming, although the tension of the Cold War meant all was not sunshine and roses.

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Let’s Rock This House

However, the owners have recreated the 1950s dream in every corner of their home. But the king of kitsch is found in the kitchen with its 1950-style fridge, cupboards and black-and-white flooring which would like at home in any American diner. The cupboards also have a charming old-fashioned feel. You’ll also find Hawaiian floral wallpaper brightening the living room, a bamboo tiki bar to order your retro cocktail and a bold zebra print rug.

Hop Upstairs for Even More Surprises

All you have to do is dream when you sleep in any of the three bedrooms, where the 50s theme continues. However, the bright pink master bedroom with its floral curtains, large lamps and wicker bed-frame is perfect for pink ladies The theme continues in the garden with its pond and decked seating area.

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Even the windows are in keeping with the theme, with classic French windows letting in plenty of light downstairs and a striking piece of original stained glass incorporated in the double glazing. If you have a dream of incorporating a special theme in to your home, you can still keep the 21st-century comforts such as double glazing and central heating. For options on double glazing in Leicester, you can see the choices available by talking to a company such as http://www.absolutewindowsolutions.co.uk/.

The Manchester home is on the market for a cool £415,000. It won’t appeal to everyone, but there must be fan of 1950s American style willing to pay the asking price for this unique home.

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