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How to Hang Things on the Wall of Your Rental Property

When you move into your new rental property, it is important to stamp your personality on the place as soon as possible in order to make it feel like home.

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An easy way to brighten up your room is to hang pictures and put up shelving to store all your little personal artefacts. With a rental property, you may not be allowed to make holes in the walls but there are other options to get over this problem.


Velcro produce hook and loop tapes which are ideal if you want to be able to remove the item on a regular basis. It has a strong adhesive backing on both sides and is ideal for hanging fabrics to walls. Another similar product is adhesive hangers, which work in the same way but when used correctly can actually carry quite a bit of weight. There are a number of adhesive tapes available, some with decorative patterns, so you can make the tape part of your artwork by adding different patterns, texture and colour to your walls. Double-sided tape is also effective for lighter items.

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Unfortunately, tapes and adhesives are not always strong enough to hold heavy picture frames, so making holes in walls may be unavoidable. The easiest way, which produces the tiniest hole that can be filled easily, is using thumbtacks, staples or monkey hooks. Monkey hooks can hold up to 50 pounds – they are J-shaped hooks best for hanging larger and heavier items, like picture frames.


You are best to check with your landlord what you are allowed to do – they may be open to allowing you to make small changes, but it is best to have the conversation before you start drilling holes in walls. There are many rental companies around the country, for example, Gloucester estate agent http://www.tgres.co.uk/, who have a large variety of rental properties on their books.

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a feature wall out of magazine covers or arty tea towels. Personal photographs and posters can all add a bit of style and colour to your walls. To create a comfortable friendly atmosphere in your rented property, decorating your walls is one of the key elements and we all want that in our homes.

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