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How to Find the Perfect Bikini Size

Every body shape is unique, and we embrace the fact that swimwear now caters to all shapes and sizes. Even so, measuring the size of your bathing suit to buy bikinis online might seem a little tricky at first, because the last thing anyone needs is to feel uncomfortable. Since it’s almost summer, here are some helpful tips measuring your swimwear size before buying bikinis online:

Take Your Measurements

Get a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror. Wrap it around your body and make sure it’s not twisting. Pull the tape, so it’s not too tight or too loose. The best way of getting swimwear measurements is by wearing underwear while doing so.

Stand normally, and don’t suck in your breath. Measure your bust across the fullest part, ensuring that the tape measure is parallel to the ground from around the back. Wrap the tape like a belt around your natural waistline, just below your rib cage and above the navel.

Next, measure your hips around the fullest part. If you are planning to buy a one-piece, you may have to measure your torso. To do so, hold a tape end on your shoulder, circle it down between your thighs, and up your back until it reaches the other end.

Choose a Swimsuit Type

Taking precise measurements is just the first step in getting ready to purchase bikinis online. You also have to consider just how you will use your outfit. If you are an athlete or water sports enthusiast, look for racing suits. These women’s bathing suits are typically unlined and don’t include any bra.

Swimwear for water aerobics courses, and swimming laps, are most likely to integrate chest support and have reasonably wide straps. Some women also prefer two-piece bikinis for water exercise, often choosing boy shorts or tankinis. If you’re searching for a bathing suit to lounge around the pool or beach, you can pick any type you like, from a rash guard to a skimpy bikini, depending upon what you feel confident in. 

Finding the Right Size

Many swimsuit brands provide charts that convert your measurements to their sizes. When the proportions fall between sizes, always round up to a larger size. If your hips and bust bring you in significantly different sizes, consider purchasing separates. You can match your stylish bikini or tankini top with a pair of high-waist bottoms or board shorts that fit you perfectly. 

One-Piece Versus Two-Piece

Deciding between a one-piece vs. a two-piece bathing suit is a personal preference. One-piece swimwear is the best option if you intend to be active enough to think about your swimsuit remaining in place. One-piece swimsuits and swim dresses are also good picks for women who chose a more modest style. Young girls mostly enjoy two-piece suits, and if you’d like to flaunt your body, a bikini is the best way to go. 

Accentuate Your Assets

Some ladies feel self-conscious when wearing bikinis and wear styles that cover up what they view as flaws. Choose vibrant colours and designs for every area you highlight, then use darker solid colours for the areas you want to hide. Petite women usually find two-piece swimwear better, and tall women usually prefer one-piece suits.

Bathing suits may be one of the most challenging apparel pieces to buy, but getting your measurements at home makes it easier to shop online for swimwear that fits you perfectly. It’s not as hard to measure for a bikini as one would think. Just follow the simple steps, and you will be summer-ready in no time!

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