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What Events Can You Use a Marquee For?

A marquee is an incredibly flexible construction that can lend itself to many events and gatherings you need to cater for. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas where a marquee is the perfect venue for your event.

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Meetings and Exhibitions

When you have an important meeting or exhibition but don’t have the space to accommodate the attendees, the marquee is the perfect solution. You can arrange the exhibition with open spaces for exhibitors and visitors to move about in. Many corporate spaces aren’t large enough to house an entire exhibition in one room, but with a marquee you can. As customisation is extremely easy, you can transform the space at minimal cost.


As with many corporate events, where space is an issue a marquee solves the problem. All delegates will have room to move around. Equipment can be easily set up as well, including stages and audio-visual tools. Set out the space as you like it.

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Dinner Events

At Christmas and other times, companies like to treat their employees to a dinner. A marquee provides the space for everyone to fit and even have room for a dance at the end of the evening. You can decorate the space easily and fit as many people in as you need to. Having a marquee on-site will make it easier for your employees to attend the event. Why not use marquee hire in Kent such as that from 2intents for your next company dinner or evening event?


If you long to get married at home or have your heart set on a venue that can’t accommodate all of your guests, a marquee is the perfect solution. There are so many benefits to using a marquee, including designing the perfect space for your party, ease of decoration of the venue, flexibility of the space for furniture arranging and shelter for your guests in case the weather is not behaving on the day. You can extend a building or keep it separate depending on what your requirements are. If you wish to avoid spillages in your house, look no further than a marquee.

Children’s Party

Instead of hiring a hall or play area, hire a marquee. Play areas can be expensive, and the dates you require may not be available. Let the children enjoy the open space.

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