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5 ways to make your roof last longer

The condition of your roof is extremely important for your home to be safe and comfortable. A roof that has been damaged or is in disrepair will allow water in which will cause problems. Take heed of warning signs and attend to small problems before they become massive ones.

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Be aware

It is good to monitor the state of your roof, and particularly so before the start of winter. A good start would be looking at the ceiling for signs of damp.

Moss purge

Moss may look nice on the roof, but it will not make it more durable and watertight. Moss creates gaps for water to get through.

Leaf purge

Leaves can clog up your roof and retain dampness. Removing them as often as possible will help keep your roof in good condition. If you blow them off, rake them together and mulch them so the wind can’t put them back there.

Clean gutters

This isn’t fun, but it is useful to eliminate problems and assist efficient drainage. Start with the downspout, and access it from a secure ladder. Take two buckets – one for tools, one for what you clear out – and hook them to your ladder.

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Repairing gutters

This is probably even less fun than cleaning them, but it will make a difference to the state of your roof. Check that water is draining properly – if not, the gutters need to be repaired. Water that is not draining can lie there causing problems for the roof. Check the seams, the gradient, and any rusted areas. For more tips on fixing guttering, see this report from The Guardian.

You may have heard of the many advantages of using UPVC fascia boards with a roof. If you want to find out more about the options available for UPVC fascia boards, it would be worthwhile contacting a reputable company such as https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/ which can provide help and advice.

Maintenance is your friend when it comes to prolonging the life of your roof. Little and often can be a good plan, and this way you can avoid the big disasters by staying on top of minor repairs as they are needed. Replacing a roof can be a costly exercise, so it is worthwhile to be roof aware.

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