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4 Things to Write About in Your Journal

A lot of things can weigh on someone. Maybe you or your family are searching for Los Angeles homes for sale and looking to move, or maybe you are so sick of your current living environment that it may be good to move away. It could also be something that happened personally that is taxing on you.

Regardless, that is why it is always a good idea to keep a journal. You can write about things that bother you. However, journals don’t always have to be about negative things that affect you. Writing about positive things can make coping with the negative things easier.

So many things can go into a journal, and here’s what.

Today’s Life Events

This is the most common and why most people start a journal in the first place. Reflecting on the day’s happenings is always good because you may not have picked up on something throughout the day, but writing about it can open your eyes to so much more. Often, only when we think about things for a while do we come to understand events from different angles.

It’s a good idea to start a daily journal because you can reflect back when you need to. It’s sort of like starting a photo album, but with words. It can paint a visual representation of your life that a picture couldn’t.

Thoughts & Feelings

A journal doesn’t only have to be about daily happenings in your life. It’s ok to write down your current thoughts and feelings. Some will be negative and some will be positive. It’s ok to let it out. It’s a good way of getting things off your chest.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings could allow you an escape or a way to get around some of the negatives. Writing your thoughts and feelings down can help you understand them a little better and maybe what action to take from them.


This is always a fun journal to do. It won’t be a daily or nightly thing, but if you travel often, a travel journal is a great idea.

It documents your travels, what you did on the trip, and what you liked and didn’t like about it. When you’re older and not able to travel much anymore, breaking out your travel journal to reflect will be enjoyable.

Hopes & Dreams

The best way to reach your hopes and dreams is to document them. Write them down consistently. If you become obsessed with your hopes and dreams and how you are going to achieve them, then they will have the best chance of becoming reality.

Document this journey. It will be a good story one day. This is sort of like a plan for your life. If you reach the desired destination, telling people how you got there and about this journal will be motivating.

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