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3 Things to Know About Reusable Shopping Bags

Over the past few years, reusable bags have become very trendy. You can now find environmental shopping bags in stores and online. Check out this list of three things to know about reusable shopping bags.

1. Help the Environment

Plastic bags are polluting bodies of water, like streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Several species of animals, like whales, are succumbing to starvation and dehydration because they accidentally ingested plastic bags. Many who use plastic bags do not dispose of them properly nor do they recycle them safely; thus, the bags often end up in the environment. By using a reusable shopping bag, you can reduce your plastic bag use and decrease the amount of plastic bag pollution on a local, national, and global scale.

2. Save Time and Money

It takes a significant amount of time and costs a substantial amount of money to produce plastic bags. Since businesses are adopting a more eco-friendly culture, they are taking into consideration the time and money required to make plastic bags and are charging up to five cents per bag. Therefore, if you go to the store three times a week and purchase ten bags each time, you will end up spending about $78 a year on these bags. On the other hand, you will only have to buy a reusable bag once and use it as many times as you need.

3. Are Practical and Convenient

Reusable shopping bags are very practical and convenient. They hold more items than regular plastic bags. They are also much easier to carry because they can be placed over your shoulder as you walk to your car or house. Many reusable bags are foldable so they can be easily stored in your closet or the trunk of your vehicle.

It would be beneficial to plant and animal life if more people utilized reusable bags. It would also help fuel the environmentally friendly initiatives that many industries are trying to push.

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