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15 ways to keep cool in bed

We are not built to withstand hot weather in the UK. Each year, we pray for the sun to come out, and when it does, we promptly wish it to go away. Even if you do enjoy the high temperatures, it’s unlikely that you enjoy the hot, sticky nights.

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With the Met Office recently announcing the hottest day of the year since 1976, it seems that we might have to get used to hotter days and nights. It can be hard to settle at night when it’s hot, so here are some tips to help you have a restful sleep even when the temperature hits the record books.

Windows and doors

When it’s hot, you should always leave windows and internal doors open, which will allow that air to circulate and keep you cool. It’s even better if you can leave an external door open to let the cold air in.

Keep hydrated

Make sure you drink lots of cold water to stay hydrated. Have a glass of water by the bed to cool you down in the night.

Let the air escape

If you have an attic, try leaving the hatch open to allow that hot air to rise and escape.

Cold water bottle

If it is really warm, try filling a hot water bottle with freezing cold water to help keep the temperature lower at night.

Shower before bed

If the temperature is too much before you even get in bed, try having a cool shower beforehand to lower your body temperature before sleeping.

 Put the duvet away

Don’t overheat with a duvet. Instead, use a cotton fabric sheet like the material found at https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/plain-cotton-fabric.html.

Keep curtains closed

By closing your curtains and blinds during, the day you are keeping the sun out, which will stop your room from overheating.

Tie hair back

If you have long hair, there’s nothing worse than waking up with your hair sticking to your neck. If you tie it up, it can help keep you cooler throughout the night.

Don’t go naked

It sounds silly, but you will stay cooler if you wear cotton nightwear compared to wearing nothing at all.

Avoid stimulants

Alcohol and caffeine, along with a big meal before bed, can make you feel hot in the night. Stick to water and light meals before you head upstairs.

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