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15 haircut ideas to change your head at the start of the season

Nothing like new haircut ideas to start the new season. In lack of inspiration?

Sensitized and dried out by the rays of the sun, the hair often needs a little boost at the beginning of the season. To give them strength and volume, shorten your length by a few centimeters and play with gradient effects. Our favorites for a radical change of look? A pretty boyish short cut, a graphic ball square or a tapered pixie cut.

Do you want a more discreet hair transformation? Refresh your long or mid-length haircut with a subtle gradient, adopt a long and thick bang or crack for a wavy square. Also take advantage of this change of look to adopt a new color: a sun effect sweep to extend the summer, a mahogany shade for a more autumnal, a poppy red or golden blond to bring maximum shine to the face.

Haircut ideas to change your head at the start of the season

The diving squarehaircut ideas

This rather discreet plunging effect brings a touch of originality to a square while remaining very chic.

The long squarehaircut ideas

This trendy haircut enhances all forms of face and is worn on smooth or curly hair. The glossy shortcut

Styled back with a “wet look” lacquer or wax, the hair shows a nice movement and highlights the oval of the face.

Long hairhaircut ideas

Revisit your long haircut by subtly degrading the strands of the contour of the face. What also bring more sweetness to your features.

The boyish cuphaircut ideas

Perfect for a radical change of look, this voluminous boyish shortcut on the top of the head and short at the back is ultra-dynamic.

The rounded fringehaircut ideas

Fall for this rounded fringe, ideal with a square or medium-length hair, which completely transforms the features of the face.

The asymmetrical squarehaircut ideas

Slightly dipping, this square is shaped with an offset line on one side to create an asymmetrical effect.

The wavy squarehaircut ideas

Elegant and modern, here is the perfect haircut to change your head in the fall. To highlight with a wavy effect to be in the trend.

The degraded mid-length cuthaircut ideas

Do you have long or medium hair? Fall for this well-worn cut that brings more movement and volume to the hair.

The short squarehaircut ideas

Ideal to change your head, this square short dynamic enough brings a lot of pep to the face. To wear with a luminous coloring.

The square ballhaircut ideas

This short square, almost ball, gives the illusion of a longer face and boosts the volume of fine hair.

The retro squarehaircut ideas

This square straight accompanied by a thick fringe and highlighted with loose curls bring a retro touch to the look.

The tapered squarehaircut ideas

This rounded square perfectly matches the oval of the face and gives it more softness.

The pixie cuthaircut ideas

The inevitable pixie cut is a safe bet if you want to opt for a radical change of look.

The thick fringehaircut ideas

Nothing like thick and long bangs to transform a long or mid-length cut.

Those are the bestĀ haircut ideas for you to change the look.

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