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The Green Room: Essential Decorating Tips and Ideas

Lemon, emerald, mint, military, or olive. Whatever the hue, know one thing: a green room can do a lot for you and your home.

Why have a green room?

Green is considered the color of balance. The explanation for this is simple: green is literally at the center of the visible spectrum, interconnecting and connecting the other colors.

This physical characteristic of color ends up having a positive effect on our brain, causing positive feelings of calm, tranquility, and balance.

It’s no wonder that hospital walls are painted green and doctors’ clothes also carry the color.

To experience countless possibilities

As you may already know, green is the combination between blue (cold color) and yellow (warm color), so the shades of green vary in countless sensorial possibilities, ranging from the most closed, dark, and somber tones, to the most open, fresh and welcoming.

That is, regardless of the feeling you want to convey, there will always be a shade of green to fit.

Green is also a very democratic color, it goes well with modern and daring decorations while adapting perfectly to classic and traditional proposals.

To reconnect with nature

Green is also the color of nature. Impossible not to feel closer to her when coming into contact with the color.

Therefore, by betting on a green room, you will automatically be allowing yourself to reconnect with the energy that comes from nature: life, freshness, tranquility, harmony, and peace!

Green tones for the living room and combinations

Now maybe comes the part that seems more complicated, but is not: how to match the colors of a green room.

First, you need to understand the colors that most harmonize with green and the effect that these combinations have on the environment. Some of them will make your living room modern and bold, others classic, while one or the other can bring joy and relaxation.

So, take note of some combinations for the green room and explore the one that most resonates with you:

Green and white room

The green and white room is a classic combination, but not so obvious. It transmits freshness, tranquility and amplitude. But you have to be careful not to look like a football team decoration, okay?

The lighter the shade of green, the fresher the decor will be. The combinations of white with shades of dark or closed green refer to a more elegant and sophisticated proposal.

Green and black room

The combination of green and black is bold and very contemporary. This mix forms a striking contrast, varying greatly depending on the chosen shade of green.

Therefore, it is not the best option for those who want something more clean and calm.

Green and brown room

Combining green and brown is a sure bet for those who want a rustic-style decor that is very close to nature. After all, they are two tones that link directly to natural elements.

Green can be explored in upholstery, walls, curtains, and decorative objects, while brown can be inserted from the wood of the furniture, floor, and ceiling.

Green and gray room

How about now a clean and modern combination between green and gray? At first, it may not seem like it will work very well, but believe me, it works!

Green and pink room

The combination between green and pink is one of the most darling of the moment. A cheerful duo, with tropical airs and that, can still have a touch of elegance and glamor when combined with golden details

Green and blue room

Green and blue are two sides of the same coin. Analogous tones, that is, live side by side in the chromatic circle and interact very well.

For this, bet on the combination of similar tones, for example, closed blue with closed green.

Green and orange room

But if you want to get away from the ordinary and bet on bold and contemporary decor, bet on the combination of green and orange. The two colors bring a unique vibration and energy to the environment. Just be careful not to make the decor visually tiring.

Where to use green in the living room

Green can enter the living room decor in a variety of ways. The most common trend is the living room with a green wall or the living room with a green sofa. But know that color can be used in countless other details and objects, such as rugs, curtains, pillows, paintings, decorative objects, and, of course, plants.

Green also does not need to be used in a flat and uniform way, try, on the contrary, to use the color in different prints and patterns, including, betting on pleasant textures to look at and touch, such as velvet.

You just need to define if your green room will only have color accents, like a wall or furniture, or if it will be completely covered in color, from walls to ceiling.

He can? Of course, you can! The monochromatic decor is with everything, but it needs to match you. Those who prefer a more classic and traditional decor may not do very well with proposals of this type. So, before you decide, stop and think about how you would feel in an all-green environment.

Some tips for the green room

  • Green and gray room. Note that the closed shade of green brings sobriety and refinement to the environment.
  • Here, the green room bet on different tones, going from the warmest to the most closed. The textures also attract attention.
  • Blue-green living room for a contemporary and stylish decor
  • In this other angle of the previous image, it is possible to notice the monochrome proposal of the decoration. A lot of daring!
  • Tone on tone: in this room, the different shades of green bring modernity and simplicity to the decor
  • The green room in different shades combined with the natural tone of the wood. rustic and natural
  • The green of this room is due to the wallpaper of leaves and plants.
  • Yellowish green to make the room cozy and welcoming
  • Emerald green room to take any decor out of the monotony
  • Green can be introduced into the room by the paint on the wall, the paintings and the presence of plants.
  • Green, blue, and gray living room: modern, elegant, and sober combination
  • Living room with green wall combined with sofa in a darker tone
  • Viewed from another angle, it is possible to notice the presence of light wood as a prominent element
  • A green room to keep in the heart! Notice the overlapping of tones and the presence of small pink dots
  • How about a metallic green to finish the decor?
  • Green everywhere. The different shades harmonize very well with the neutral base tone of the decor.
  • Nothing better than the natural green of plants! Bet on this idea!
  • Green is also vintage
  • A classic combination that always works: a green wall with a green sofa in a tone-on tone.
  • Green and gray room for a discreet, clean, and modern decor
  • The more closed the shade of green, the more classic and sober the decoration of the living room
  • Green water room: freshness, tranquility, and calm to relax after a day of work
  • On the other hand, the combination of aqua green with mustard-toned elements brings warmth and joy.
  • That green roof is capable of leaving anyone open-mouthed!
  • Who said you can’t combine, at the same time, tone on tone with different prints?
  • Green and white room. To complement the environment, a touch of yellow
  • Natural green room. A real indoor garden
  • What do you think about combining the green sofa with the green rug? In the background, a gray patterned wallpaper
  • Green and brown room. The highlight for the lighting on the ceiling that brings a cozy atmosphere to the environment
  • Blue-green sofa for a classic elegant living room!
  • How much charm and beauty in this room with the hand-painted walls! Caramel furniture completes the decor like a tight hug.
  • Green room with black details. Subtle and elegant combination.
  • Here, green is accompanied by geometric prints
  • Living room with green wall and gray sofa: classic and cozy decor
  • In this other room, green accompanied by yellow and pink brings fun and relaxation.
  • A citrus touch to warm up your living room decor
  • Green and beige room. A great combination for those who are afraid to bet on bolder tones.
  • This other green room, on the other hand, gained a touch of rusticity with the apparent rustic wood.
  • A single shade of green to color the walls, floor, and furniture
  • Green in plants, furniture, and walls
  • Living room with green sofa. To match, gray rug and a black wall with marble cladding
  • What if instead of painting the whole wall green you make a different design?

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