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How to clean a laminate floor

The laminate flooring is an increasingly common alternative in homes and offering stylish and beautiful result at a reasonable cost. However, there is a fundamental point to take into account when installing this type of floor, and that is that it warrants special care to ensure proper maintenance and durability, with cleanliness being a prominent aspect. Today we explain in detail how to clean a laminate floor so that it is perfect day after day.

Clean a laminate floor with water

The first thing you should be very clear about is that a laminate floor cannot be cleaned frequently with water since it is a type of material that requires as little moisture as possible to be in good condition.

Therefore it is recommended that you clean it with a mop, hot water, and a special detergent for wooden floor only every 15 days. You must use a special mop for Laminated Floors, that is preferably microfiber, in addition, cleaning must be done with the mop very well drained, without it dripping, otherwise you run the risk that your laminate floor eventually deteriorates with the step weather.

When cleaning with water always follow the same direction and remember the importance of doing it with a perfectly drained cloth.

Clean a laminate floor daily

To clean a laminate floor on a daily basis it will be important to remove frequently the dust and dirt that accumulates. For this the best alternative is to use a vacuum cleaner or mop that helps collect dust balls, hairs and other debris that could dirty, scratch and damage the laminate floor. Depending on the number of inhabitants in your home and factors such as wind, the use of heating, among others, the periodicity of the aspirate or the use of the mop can go from 1 time a week to every 2 days.

If you choose to vacuum pay attention to the hardness of the brush and the wheels of the appliance. The brush of the vacuum cleaner must be smooth, in the same way, the wheels must be free of dirt or stones, otherwise, when dragging the vacuum cleaner you could produce accidental scratches on the floor.

Clean spots on a laminate floor

Once we have clear the way to clean a laminate floor on a daily basis, it is important to know how to remove specific spots of this type of floor without damaging the material. We give you several tricks depending on the type of stain.

  • Rayons of heels or furniture: You can remove the mark using an eraser, remember also that it is advisable to protect the legs of the furniture so that they do not cause scratches on your laminate floor.
  • Grease, ink or wax stains: Clean by applying alcohol or acetone with a microfiber cloth in the affected area, then dry thoroughly.
  • Common spots or dirt: Clean with a microfiber cloth, water and special soap for laminate floors, then dry well.
  • Blood stains: Apply glass cleaner and then rub with a microfiber cloth. Remember to dry later.

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