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Choosing a Rug

What to Think About

Does your room needs a perfect finishing touch? Why don’t you get an antique rug; they come in all shapes and sizes and are versatile enough to perform a variety of functions. From covering up shabby carpets to reducing noise and stopping droughts, rugs are great accessories for all areas of the home. These are some points to bear in mind when choosing your perfect rug.

Firstly, decide where you want the rug to go. If it’s in the entrance hall where people walk in with muddy shoes, go far darker patterns or colors that won’t show dirt. Cheaper rugs would be best as they can be replaced more often, and sturdy rugs (for example, not silk) can be washed more frequently. Plain rugs will show wear sooner than patterned ones.

If the rug is for decorative purposes, think about the patterns that would complement your room. An unusual shape might also have a better effect.

Make sure that you always measure your room before buying a rug. Even if it fits, be aware of where your furniture stands and how this will affect the rug. If a large sofa would stand on it for example, there’s no point choosing a distinctive pattern that will be covered up.

You may want to leave parts of your floor exposed, in which case you could use two smaller rugs. This allows you to cover different areas of your room and leave spaces clear.

Try not to buy a rug that will clash with your decor. Even if it looks good in the shop, a rug might not match your home. Blacks, browns and greys suit masculine homes, reds can add warmth and lighter colors can create a feeling of space. Just like any accessory, a rug should complement your room rather than standing out.

The material your rug is made of is very important. Silk isn’t as hard wearing as wool for example. Wool rugs are great regulators of air humidity. Leather is very sturdy and easy to clean. Natural fiber rugs are higher quality than man-made ones, but may have less crisp colors or patterns.

Keep an eye on the wear of your rug and be sure to take action if necessary. For example, sunlight fades colors so if your rug lies in a sunny spot be sure to turn it occasionally. Likewise, it it gets a lot of wear from people walking across it in one direction, move it every so often to prolong its life. Rug underlay is available which prolongs the life of a rug. It protects both the floor and the rug itself, and stops the rug from slipping. If you buy an antique rug, underlay is something you should invest in.

By keeping these points in mind you’ll be able to choose the perfect rug for your home. Don’t rush into a purchase; ask questions about the quality of the rug, where it was made, and make sure it will match your decor.

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