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Couples therapy: 10 reasons to go

Fights, lack of respect, lack of intimate relationships. These are some of the reasons to go to couples therapy.

Many times couples go through moments of crisis and bumps in their relationship. This is usually quite common and ends up being overcome thanks to the effort put by both of them. However, there are many others that fail to overcome it and enter a negative dynamic from which there seems to be no way out. It is in these cases that marriage is recommended to go to a therapist.

To find out if your relationship needs the help of a professional, we tell you 10 reasons that are usually given to go to couples therapy.

10 reasons to go to couples therapy

Going to a therapist will help the couple to know how to communicate and to solve the problems that exist in the relationship. In the sessions, the different conflicts will be analyzed and work will be done so that the two people learn to get along and enjoy each other.

It is important to know when we should ask a professional for help, for this reason, we detail below the general reasons for going to couples therapy:

1. Everything is quarrels and fightsCouples therapy

Anger and screaming are the main reason couples attend therapy. It’s not uncommon for healthy relationships to argue from time to time, but some get to the point of quarreling every day, often over trifling things. These situations often cause spouses’ insecurity, sadness, discomfort, and depression.

2. Preventive measure

Not all couples who see a marriage therapist are going through a crisis. Many do it before the relationship problems appear so that the professional can help them work together effectively. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Effective communication
  • Learn to talk and discuss finances
  • Talk about future goals, such as the desire to have children
  • Learn about the values ​​and beliefs of others
  • Address issues from the past
  • Discuss marriage expectations

3. Technological issuesCouples therapy

Technology is another major relationship problem. Some of the most recurring is: sending messages to someone out of wedlock, addiction to pornography, compulsive WhatsApp, addiction to social networks and lack of quality time together.

4. Specific problem

These types of problems are difficult to treat and it is always advisable to go to a specialist. But if you are looking for the most convenient option and want to consult at the comfort of your home, health experts recommend this Confidant Health app which could help you with your problems.

5. Bad communicationCouples therapy

Another of the main reasons to go to a professional is the poor or lack of communication within the couple. This is essential to enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship. When it is conspicuous by its absence, the two members are distancing themselves and the problems are growing. It is a determining factor in asking for help.

6. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the reasons why people seek counseling for couples. It can take years to overcome the pain and forget the feeling of betrayal. In these situations, it is important to trust the other person again, and that is where the professional comes in, who will help us overcome the situation.

7. Sexual problems

Sex is one of the basic elements to maintain a healthy relationship. Brings couples together, increases confidence and relieves stress. However, if there is no understanding, it is a reason to go to a couples therapist, as it will help us understand why we are moving away from each other and meet again on a sexual level.

8. Financial matters

Money is a complicated and uncomfortable topic for many couples, so it is not surprising that this has become one of the biggest problems facing spouses. Irresponsible spending and financial infidelity can create serious problems for a couple.

9. There is no respect

Lack of respect often manifests itself in the way spouses treat each other. Intentionally saying hurtful things to the other partner, not being willing to listen and not appreciating trust are signs that a partner is lacking respect

10. One of them wants a divorce

When this point is reached, many relationships decide to go to couples therapy. However, it is necessary to know that the ideal is to attend before so that it is not too late and so that the two do their part to save the marriage.

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