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Red Eyeshadow: this is the most daring trend

Red eyeshadow is not an eyeshadow you see often, as could be purple eyeshadow or nude eyeshadow. Although red eyeshadow is capable of making your eye makeup truly bewitching, there are some precautions to use it to the fullest.

Definitely, the nude tones or directly all those with which we usually dare the eye shadow palette are a thing of the past. These now give way to those more daring that at a certain moment we question when they would take place or who would use them. Among them, the red.

The color red has become this season one of the most used in the palette that covers the look, however, daring it may seem. It may be because of the mask, which has made eye makeup become the protagonist, becoming much more spectacular, extravagant, or, in general, original and attention-grabbing. In short, the look has taken a presence, and what better way to make it evident than with the most striking color. And there are many ways to wear red eyeshadow.


The first and as it is being seen in all corners of Instagram and in street style is blurred or smoked, as in a colored smokey eye, which shines even in the most exaggerated way possible, joining it with blush as another brand. of the makeup trends of the moment.


Red, powerful as it is, should be seen at its best. So much so, that it is one of those colors that join the trend of color block shadows. According to this, a powerful color is one that predominates in makeup, specifically, in the look. And it does so in an opaque way as if we had painted the eyes with a brush. These shadows look brighter and juicier, like paint.


Halfway between the red shadows in a smokey version and the powerful color block ones, there is that type of eye shadow that is built like a thick eyeliner. Of course, the red color could not join the trend. This consists of applying the red and matte shadow on the mobile eyelid and finishing by making a corner with a beveled brush.


Being a color full of personality and very striking, it works perfectly with evening outfits. If you want to further enhance your personality as a tone for a night party, combine it with black. It will be your greatest ally for dramatic makeup that becomes the center of everything.

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But not only shadows livered in the eyes. The passion tone pencil for the look is also imposed. But not outlining the lash line. But reinventing the traditional eyeliner with floating eyeliners or line drawings near the eyes.

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