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Beard straightener: why and how to choose it?

How does a beard straightener work? Which beard straightener to choose? Does straightening your beard really make a difference? Follow the guide…

There is a beard straightener. Yes Yes! And no, it’s not just for Panoramix-style beards, it’s also for normal guys, who are tired of having a beard that goes in all directions! So obviously, the beard straightener is for real beards, not that there are fake beards eh. But here we are talking about those who have a beard where sometimes you do not find your crumbs – on a 5-day beard, there’s really no particular interest in owning a beard straightener… It seems logical, but we prefer to repeat it, just in case!

What does a beard straightener look like?Beard straightener

I know, before even asking you this question, you first asked yourself “but a beard straightener, what the hell is that ??” “. So let’s try to answer these two questions at once (yeah, we’re eggs like that!).

A beard straightener is used to discipline your beard, and to help you have a clean and tidy beard, to look a little more professional, and a little less punk for dogs. And if in your imagination, you imagined a special beard version of your darling’s straightener, and a final brushing finish, rest assured, you are far from the truth!

First, because technically, a plate straightener, like the ones that your darling/mom/sister / long-haired pal/friend regularly uses (maybe), it can’t work on a beard: it gets too hot, and the beard hair is too short (unless you are Father Fouras), and too curly/wavy to succeed in smoothing it between 2 plates without burning your fingers, your cheek, or both! And for the part “I am afraid that my beard looks like a horse mane if I use a beard straightener”, rest assured, the nature of your beard hairs makes that you could even smooth them 20 times, they will not end up smooth and supple Elsève pub-style when you are done: your beard will always be a beard, just more beautiful!

So a beard straightener, in the end, looks like a small brush with plastic pins, with a suitable size, and which heats up (without getting burned either!). It is not more complicated, nor stranger than that, it does not take up much space in the bathroom. And it will find its place directly next to the hairdryer! There are even wireless versions, ideal to slip into your toiletry bag (you will just have to think of recharging it from time to time!)

How does a beard straightener work?Beard straightener

We know that you don’t have time in the morning and that you have no desire to add a tedious step to your morning beauty ritual (yes, somewhere, brush your teeth and wash your face, it’s still a beauty ritual!). Rest assured, using a beard straightener will not take you more time than styling your hair (or brushing your beard without straightening it, if you are doing so…).

Nothing’s easier:

  • We plug
  • We brush
  • and We tidy

Frankly, could n’t be simpler right? And if you also opted for the wireless version, you even eliminate the first step!

Which beard straightener to choose?

So here we are wire, wireless, power … How to choose?

You may be surprised, but brands have long understood the value of straightening their beards. And you will be able to find a whole range of devices to help you take care of your beard. But in this jungle, how to choose the right beard straightener?

To help you, we have made a small selection of beard straighteners that we prefer (and there is something for all budgets!)

But does it really make a difference?Beard straightener

Imagine that yes! Even if we too, we were skeptical at the beginning, the before / after was rather irrevocable, a bit like home shopping. Before, we looked a little cool bearded baba card limit, and after. We looked like a hipster bartender in a trendy bar.

We can only advise you to test: if you ever have a friend who already has a beard straightener, borrow it to see! Test on one side of your face. To see the difference: one side smoothed with a straightener, one side with nothing. Or just brushed with a comb or a beard brush. You should see the difference immediately, and above all realize that it is rather simple to use this bazaar!

And as long as you have already followed our advice and purchased a special beard cleansing gel or good beard oil. It will totally throw away! After all, if you are bearded, your beard is the first thing you see when looking at you. So if it is beautiful, shiny, and tidy, it’s still better, right?

Finally, last advantage, your beard straightener being a mini heated brush, you can also pass it through your hair if they are a little long, and discipline this lock a little which usually requires 4 kilos of Vivelle Dop and 10 minutes of manual work (oh yes, because never wasting time putting moisturizer on, but spending 10 minutes to have a Griezmann wick, that is fine, huh…). And hop, two birds with one stone! Well-bearded, and well-groomed!

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