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How to bring a basic outfit to life with some unique accessories

This spring, we’re ditching basic outfits and we are taking our style to the next level with some easy tricks. In this article we will talk about some unique pieces and accessories that will make a difference to your outfit. Whether you like to be comfortable, but want to look stylish or you’re all about the glam outfits, you will find something for you in this article. Read along and get ready for some online shopping or for that spring wardrobe switch. For an even more in depth look at this spring’s trends and fashion tips, take a look at Vogue and make sure you’re up to date with everything fashion-related.


If you payed attention to the latest trends, you’ve surely seen how popular sunglasses have become. The various shapes and the crazy vivid colors have taken over and they leave no room for boring sunglasses. This trend makes it very easy for us to take any basic outfit and give it a real celebrity look. Make sure you get a pair of sunglasses that fits your face, add a long coat and any basic outfit underneath and you’ve got yourself a comfy, easy to wear outfit that still gives you a glam overall look. This tip is perfect for these spring days where the temperature still requires a coat, but the sun is up so you need that extra UV protection.


The switch between winter and spring is always confusing when it comes to top layers. We all know those days when it’s too warm for your winter coat, but too cold for a blazer. The in-between accessory that everyone needs is a poncho. These pieces are super easy to wear, they provide warmth and breathability and they also look stylish and unique. Take a look at these ponchos to get an idea of what we are talking about: https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/apparel-celtic-wraps. You can wear them with some jeans and sneakers, or on top of a dress for a more elegant approach. These ponchos will make sure your outfit stands out and you catch everyone’s eye with an unusual piece.

Head pieces

The internet is full of bucket hats, caps and beanies, and we’re here for it, but when the temperature allows us to get rid of the beanies, what else can we accessorize with? This spring we are trying to bring back the girly head pieces. We’re talking oversized bows, trendy hair clips and headbands. You’re probably on with the hair clip trends that are all over tik tok, and you saw how easy it is to add a simple and unique touch to an outfit using an elegant hair clip. If you’re going for a more dressed up outfit, try using a bow or a jeweled headband for a more elegant touch. This tip will give you a more put together look and will make any casual outfit seem more unique and touched up.

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