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Alternatives to Pelis24

Pelis24 is a website where you can find a whole universe of movies of all kinds. From great classics available since 1971, to the latest releases of the moment.

The list of available genres is extensive enough to find almost any content you are looking for. You will also have access to an extensive ranking of the most popular movies among users.

Its success is such that it has become the object of persecution by the authorities who have declared its closure several times.

If you need new alternatives to Pelis24, you can see the best options below.

10 alternatives to Pelis24 to enjoy the best movie premieres for free


Elitetorrent is a website dedicated to the most popular movies and TV series of the moment. It has movies in Micro HD format that have excellent image quality with the peculiarity that they hardly take up space.

It also offers several viewing options, from Spanish, Latin, to the original version or with subtitles. You can share the links on Facebook or Twitter.

To view these types of pages, you can use a free VPN and avoid country blocking.

123 moviesPelis24

In 123 movies you have access to all the movies and television series that are currently being developed, and you can watch them without having to register. You can also choose to see them in their original language or in Spanish or Latin.

The best thing is that you can enjoy all the content of the platform from your PC, tablet, or phone.


Pelisplus is characterized by offering content only in Full HD quality, both in movies and in television series.

  • The platform has an online chat where you can retrieve files from other users
  • It has a section that only gives access to the premieres of the moment and the films of the year 2020
  • You can choose to download the content or view it online


Another of the best websites to watch movies is Peliculaspro. On the home page, you can see the latest releases that have been added to the platform. You just have to hover the mouse over the content to access a short description.

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YTS is a torrent download site that provides a continuously updated movie catalog. The files it contains are characterized by having the best possible image quality without taking up space, even achieving 3D quality.

offers the possibility of creating a user account to access the web and even a specific application for Android phones.

Cave 3Pelis24

Cuevana 3 is the latest version of the movie website that started out as Cuevana. On the main page, you can see all the premieres uploaded to the platform, as well as the most viewed and best-rated films.

When you access content, you have a summary of the story, the cast of the actors, and even the user’s assessment.

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The quality of the movies that Gnula offers makes it one of the favorite options for streaming and completely free.

You can choose between different viewing links: Spanish, Latin, OV or subtitles. Also, all movies are available in HD quality.


Casapelis is an option dedicated exclusively to films in Spanish.

  • On the main page, you will find a selection of the most viewed films of the moment and information on the quality of each of them
  • If you are looking for specific content, you can find it through the search bar at the top.
  • By entering content, you can access a list of all available viewing links


On the vanospelis website, you will mainly find films in Spanish or Latin and the most important editions of the moment.

  • Has one of the longest category lists
  • You can find movies from 1971
  • It has several links to choose the language or the image quality

What is the best alternative to Pelis24?

The most recommended alternative to Pelis24 is, due to the quality and variety of content available, the Pelisplus website.

This platform stands out, not only because it offers the latest releases of the moment, but also because it regularly updates existing movies to offer the best image quality and more language options.

The user can search the content of the films based on a certain genre or open the list of years to find films from the year 1931. You can also view the trailer for each content and choose to stream or download it.

On the other hand, you can access the website from a user account and participate in a chat where you can comment on the content with other people who participate in the platform.

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