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Why Take a CELTA Course in London?

Getting the CELTA qualification is the approach that many people now take to being able to teach English as a foreign language. The full title is Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, and getting hold of it could prove to be one of the smartest moves that you ever make.

London is one of the very best cities for taking this course. If you want to add something extra special to your career and your life then the following are some of the top reasons for taking a CELTA course in London.

To Get a New Career as an English Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language is an exciting career that can bring with it many rewards. As well as a good salary, this is the kind of job that can also give you immense satisfaction and let you work in different countries.

The CELTA qualification is one of the most widely accepted certifications for getting started in this sort of career. If you like the idea of teaching people then this is a great way of getting started with confidence.

Over 10,000 people take this training every year, with many of them going on to enjoy a successful career as an English teacher. With more people than ever before keen to learn English it is clear that the demand for teachers is going to remain strong.

Simple Entry Requirements

While some courses can be incredibly difficult to go on, the entry requirements for the CELTA courses make them far easier for most people to get started with.  For a start, there is no need to already possess teaching qualifications or experience. The minimum age for taking this training is typically 20, with more mature students encouraged to gain the qualification, as there is no maximum age. A good standard of education and level of English are essentials.

These fairly relaxed entry requirements mean that people are all sorts of backgrounds can get going on earning this valuable certification. Whatever you have done in the past, getting this training can give you a fantastic new set of skills. You can find available courses here:  http://languagelink.co.uk/celta

Enjoy a Tremendous Location

When we talk about CELTA courses in London we can’t ignore the fact that this is one of the world’s best cities for spending time in. While you are adding a new string to your bow with this qualification you can also have a great time in the capital.

Maybe you are thinking of heading here to kick-start your new career once you are fully qualified as an English teacher. If not, you can simply enjoy some of the treats this city offers between classes.

For an Exciting Future

Finally, there is little doubt that this is the kind of move that can lead to a far more exciting future. Teaching English as a foreign language is the sort of career that makes life more interesting and thrilling.

If you want to add something extra special to your life then you could find that CELTA courses in London let you do exactly this. Don’t settle for a boring, unsatisfying career when this qualification can make life so much better.

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