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Why you need business abbreviations for your business

In Colombia and in Latin countries it is strange to see someone who uses business abbreviations to communicate with others. They are used but not so often when written in a technical language such as business English.

For example, some expressions such as PD, which means postscript and use when we want to add a 
final comment to a message we will send to a known person, this is common when we write a letter or we are sending an email. However, the business abbreviations are also different in English, in this case, to refer to what we know as PD, for English speakers it is replaced by PS “Post Scriptum” which means “after the writing”.

Likewise, we can see that as they interact with English-speaking foreigners, it can be perceived that they use the business abbreviations with more continuity to communicate in English. They use them at all times to make words shorter and use them in the shortest time. They are quite useful at the time of completing a business, a situation in which you can make use of your business English.

In the same way, if you want to learn and understand more this language, you need to know in depth the most common business abbreviations in English and those most used by English speakers. Likewise, if you want to travel abroad or are already living with English speakers you can find out that business abbreviations are the order of the day. At first, you will find something strange and unfamiliar, but then you can see its potential as they save a lot of time. Continue reading 18 Business ideas that you can start almost without money

business abbreviations

If you want to know some of the most common business abbreviations and be able to use them in your business English, here is a list of the most important and usual in order to achieve good communication in English. If you’re ready, let’s start!


As Far As I Know. ( As far as I know.)

Example: AFAIK there is no problem at all.


Also Known As. ( Also known as.)

Example: She’s Victoria Beckham, AKA as Posh.


As Soon As Possible. ( As soon as possible.)

Example: This needs to be done ASAP.


Be Back Later.  (I will be back later.)

Example: Now you have to wait, he’ll BBL.


Be Right Back. ( I’ll be right now.)

Example: One sec, I’ll BRB.


By The Way. ( By the way.)

Example: That’s really good news. BTW, she also finishes her studies.


Close of Business. ( At the end of the workday.)

Example: We need to finish this requirement by COB.


Do It Yourself ( Do it yourself.)

Example: If you want anything to happen you have to DIY!


For Your Information. ( For your information.)

Example: Very used in emails and when a message is forwarded to another person (s). FYI, original message. Useful to use in practicing your business English.


I Do not Know. ( I do not know.)

Example: I’m sorry, IDK.


In My Opinion ( In my opinion.)

Example: IMO, you’re wrong.


No problem. ( No problem, you’re welcome.)

Example: NP at all, it was my pleasure.


Oh My God  (OMG!)

Example: OMG! Is not that Cristiano Ronaldo?


To Be Announced.  (Pending to be announced.)

Example: Prize for the winner is TBA!


To Be Confirmed. ( Pending confirmation.)

Example: That is still TBC. Useful, at the time of doing business, here you can use your business English to mention that it is pending confirmation or TBC.


Unidentified Flying Object. ( Unidentified flying object.)

Example: He believes he saw a UFO last night.


Very important person.  (Very important person.)

Example: That’s the VIP area for the club.


What the fuck? ( What … represents an insult?)

Example: WTF are you talking about man?

Finally, it is important to mention that thanks to the new information technologies, the language to communicate has changed. That is why it is necessary to learn these abbreviations in order to understand what they tell us.

Now that you know a more practical way to communicate, do not hesitate to put it into practice, more if you speak English and need it in your interaction with customers – business English, this is the time. Learn easy and without any mishap.

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