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How to start a waxing business

Take the first step! Become a professional!

If you are interested in the personal wellness and beauty industry and are looking for a way to make money in it, Epilation is for you! The best thing is that here we will tell you how you can do it from scratch, and in a very simple way!

If you are thinking of opening your own epilation business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Learning

Once you decide to take the first step, previous knowledge is very important. It is essential to take courses, workshops, training, or certifications to learn about hair processes, learn to identify different skin types, and know the proper epilation techniques.

2. Practice

The next step is practice. This is perhaps one of the most important steps in running a successful hair removal business. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. And how true it is! The more you practice, the more your technique will improve so that both you and the client have good quality and enjoyable experience. In addition to good technique and knowledge, you can also advise your clients on skin care so that they are satisfied with your services and thus become recurring clients.

Although it is important to constantly take courses and certifications to renew your knowledge, practice cannot be substituted, since it is what will make you grow as a professional epilator and elevate your services.

Always before starting to perform services on your clients it is advisable to practice with people whose feedback you trust to help you grow as an epilator. You can start by practicing with family, friends, or neighbors. You can even start by charging very little for your hair removal services. This way you practice and you can start earning some money!

3. Create a budget

Think about what your startup costs will be. What will be your budget per month including products, your equipment, your epilatory accessories, and rent (if you would like to have a cabin or establishment). Do not leave any expense out!

Making a budget and determining your initial costs will help you decide if you want to have your own studio or not. A great advantage of the epilation business is that you can start with mobile services or if you prefer, have an epilation booth. You decide what your business will look like!

There are many options: you can rent a suite in a shared studio, you can share a space with another beautician, or you can decide that you want to start working with home visits.

4. Get the material

Now that you know what you need, what your goal is, and what you will need, it is time to get your epilation material. It’s always nice to get what you think you need and a little extra. When performing the services it is also important to look at how much product you use in each service. Be it wax, pre, and post-epilatory products, or bands, among others. Keeping track of how much you use will go a long way in determining how much you can charge for your services and setting goals for how much you want to earn from each.

A month’s supply is a good amount to always have to make sure you never run out of products. Having one more month on hand protects you in case of any emergency or sudden growth in your business.

At this point, it is also important to know the products you use. Familiarizing yourself with the ingredients of each of your products will help you better explain to customers the benefits of the service you are providing and you will feel more and more comfortable with them.

Knowing your product line is only part of running a successful wax business. Make sure you have a good selection of waxing products and supplies in your kit that can suit any skin or hair type or sensitivity. High-quality wax is easier to work with, improves your service skills, and improves the customer experience while you are still learning your skills as well as allowing you to perform completely personalized services. Not skimping on the quality of your products is what will set you apart from other hair removal businesses and help you build trust with your customers and keep them satisfied.

5. Benefits and earnings

Determine what your profit goal is and make it a priority. The goal of starting your own business is to make money for yourself, so keep that in mind when you start to figure out your finances. If you put yourself first, that is, your profit, you will have a better idea of ​​how much you will need for expenses. If you calculate your income and subtract what your ideal profit is, that magic number is what you need to have set aside for expenses. When you know what your “minimum” expenses are after you have determined what you need for yourself, it will be much more profitable in the end.

It’s also a good idea to set aside some of the money from the profits to invest in the business as it grows. Your equipment may need an update in the future, or you decide to invest in products and supplies that will give your services a plus.

Maybe you get to the point where you can add some nice furniture and decor to your studio to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Or if you decided to start epilation services at home, maybe with your earnings you can start your own studio! Whatever your expansion goals are, make sure you slowly prepare to reach them.

The beauty industry is always in flux. Make sure you stay informed and on top of the latest industry trends so you’re prepared to take advantage of them.

6. Do not overload yourself with services/products

At first it may seem attractive to overload yourself with services and products to have more variety in your business, but many times this can affect your work pace. Not only can it be very expensive to acquire all the products that the different services require, reducing your profits, but it can also be difficult to balance your time with so many options. It is always better to start small and give the maximum performance in the services that you can handle than to overload yourself with services that are not going to pay the same.

Once you’ve mastered your chosen epilation technique and feel ready to expand your menu of services, go for it!

7. Feedback from your customers

Once you have a solid group of repeat customers who trust you, it’s time to ask for feedback. The opinion of your customers is very important and listening to their comments can help you grow your business quickly and effectively.

Starting your first hair removal business is an exciting and rewarding investment that can make you a lot of money while allowing you to do what you love most. With the right wax, the right equipment, and your hard work, the sky is the limit!

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