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How to promote a business

The promotion of a business is a key part of customer communication. If the potential public is unaware of the offer of products and services available in the catalog, this fact affects sales. Marketing initiatives must offer solutions suited to the needs of the company today. Some ideas are conditioned by the budget, for example, some forms of advertising exceed the expense that many businesses can make in an advertisement. In this article, we give some ideas for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

1. Corporate blogHow to promote a business

This communication channel provides the content of interest to share on social networks. Also, this is a recommended space to create a link with regular readers who, in turn, can be clients. This informational medium adds new topics to others. This form of promotion increases the visibility and online reputation of the business due to the influence that this strategy has on improving Internet positioning. Content Marketing is a frequent trend today that finds its value proposition in information as entertainment.

2. Advertise on local televisionHow to promote a business

Just as the mention of location is recommended in content marketing that links business to the area in which it carries out its work, this data also intervenes in advertising through a television channel that reaches viewers living in the environment close to the company. This type of measure gives visibility to the corporate logo through a means of communication as important as television.

3. Promotional gifts

The experience of a surprise not only brings excitement to the customer who feels this emotion when receiving this detail, it is also a form of marketing. In that case, it is advisable to choose a product that is aligned with the commercial theme. For example, a bookstore has the possibility of surprising its customers with the gift of a bookmark that will accompany the reader in some of their reading moments. Another common idea is a calendar with quality images that throughout the twelve months of the year reminds the date of the day who receives this item. This type of advertising is a very profitable investment and, in addition, the client’s perception of this experience goes beyond the promotion itself.

4. Magazine advertising

Digital media has a great role today, in fact, many readers read new content every day through different sources. But that does not mean that advertising in print publications is still not effective. Each business must analyze which is their best option, among the offer of online and digital magazines, to share an announcement of the project at a certain time of the year. The choice of each channel will not only be related to the objective, but also to the rates the company charges advertisers.

5. Micro-influencersHow to promote a business

Advertising on social networks is one of the most frequent forms of promotion today since a business manages to reach a community through the collaboration of the one who acts as a brand ambassador. The number of professionals working in this field is very large. Choose a profile that shares the company’s values ​​and philosophy.

6. Management of social networks

Each business must decide in which medium it wants to be present to enhance its visibility in that space. Instagram is one of the growing platforms.

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