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12 Small Profitable Businesses With Computers 2019

If you are a computer lover and want to start small profitable businesses with computers, today we will see 50 ideas related to computers.

As we all know, technology does not stop growing, so having computer knowledge can be a great advantage, both in life and in business. And when it comes to starting a business, there are many ideas related to computers, where the only thing that is needed is equipment and knowledge.

In addition, having advanced computer skills can start a profitable business of any kind and be easily successful. Since today there are very few who know about technology and depends on a third party to solve their problems.

Small Profitable Businesses with computers

3D impressionsBusinesses With Computers

3D printing is one of the items with more boom today because many industry sectors need such service. If you are good with the design programs and you have money to invest in a 3D printer, this is a business not to waste.

Refill Cartridges for PrintersBusinesses With Computers

The reloading of cartridges for printers is another profitable business since many companies and SMEs need to recharge their printers monthly. And as we know, the original cartridges are not cheap, so everyone opts for a recharge. It is one of the best businesses with computers.

The business of refilling cartridges is a fast-growing enterprise and having low investment costs, it leaves very good profit margins.

Computer CleaningBusinesses With Computers

Many companies hire this service to clean the computers of their offices, since they contain delicate pieces, prefer to hire a computer specialist to do such work.

It is an excellent option to have a profitable business because computer cleaning is usually a fast business, where all profits are due to labor.

Delivery and assembly computerBusinesses With Computers

The assembly of computers is another business with great profitability within the computer, but to achieve success has to run very well. The idea is to get the parts by the wholesaler to achieve a higher percentage, and that adds the work of assembly. You can also offer additional services such as software installation.

Battery re-conditioning business

Another profitable business is the restoration of vehicle batteries, as people every day choose to recondition their old batteries. Well, its cost is much lower, if we compare it with new batteries. You can also offer this service but for notebook batteries, smartphones and other technologies that require a battery.

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Computer shop

Something that will never stop being profitable is the computer store because mainly the new equipment leaves very good profit margins. The idea is to sell through the Internet, to avoid local expenses.

Web developerBusinesses With Computers

Web developers are those people who are programmers and are dedicated to programming websites or applications for smartphones. If you are a genius in programming, you can offer your services online, because today many entrepreneurs are looking for programmers who offer this service at a lower price than companies.

Video editionBusinesses With Computers

Video editing is another profitable business that exists within the computer because if you have knowledge of After Effects or another publisher, you can offer such services. Currently, many people are looking for publishers to promote their products and services.

Scanning services for vehicles

Many users who own vehicles with advanced technology, it is difficult to locate the problem in particular. Therefore, they hire vehicular scanning services to tell you the main faults that are recorded in the car. Well, to perform the scan you only need a computer/computer and the respective OBDII scanner. It is a very profitable business and easy to carry out since home services can be offered.

Programming of Televisions

With the knowledge of computer science, services can be offered to program smart televisions. Because nowadays all televisions have the same technology as a computer. And many people need this service to re-configure their televisions.

Maintenance service for operating systemsBusinesses With Computers

Many people and companies prefer to hire qualified people to perform maintenance on operating systems. As it is much better than reinstalling the systems, plus all their programs. It is one of the most profitable businesses, and it can be carried out with very low investment.

Design and Stained Glass ServiceBusinesses With Computers

Nowadays it is normal for businesses to plot or label their windows with their logos, prices, and promotions. Therefore it is a great business idea, with a great future. Where if you have knowledge in Photoshop or Illustrator you can have a great micro-enterprise.

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