Did My Sexual Harassment Complaint Get Me Fired?

Sexual harassment on the job can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Putting in a complaint can result in termination in some cases. The good news is you are due compensation if it can be shown by a preponderance of the evidence that you were terminated to end a sexual harassment claim.

Online Sportsbooks – What You Need to Know

Since the laws pertaining to online live sports betting are continuously evolving and becoming a reality rather than a hope for the future, there have been a few developments regarding the creation of online sports books. Some online sites cannot be trusted and this makes finding a secure online bookie something of a hassle if …

How to get the best-ever fake tan

If you like to look bronzed, read on for our top tips for the best-ever fake tan. Image Credit 1 Exfoliate all over Your tan will be smoother and more even if you exfoliate from head to toe to remove dead skin cells. Use a facial razor or an oil-free scrub on your face, while …

The 20 best action movies on Netflix

how fast are the bullets going by streaming? Will the gun’s speakers jam the gun? Does an explosion binge count twice as much as one of series? We review the best action movies on Netflix in terms of the action genre. A score of films to leave you with the adrenaline through the clouds.